By Alec


"SUNCHEEK!!" the handsome voice of Wintersong echoed through the holt -much to the amusement of most wolfriders.
"Take her off of me!" the warrior desperately begged his half-sister.

"Why, dear brother, see who's with you today."

Suncheek sang with her sweetest voice as she kneeled down in front of him to wave at a small bundle tied around his left leg.

"And how are you, Arrowmoss?" she said gently.

"Awwomoss go to hunt with Winnisong." the cub explained giggling.

"You Are Not!" hissed Wintersong. "Suncheek! I warn you.."

"About what, brother?" his sister asked. She stood up again after caressing Arrowmoss' hair once more. Arms akimbo she winked at him.

**You know that I like it when she's around.. makes you _talk_!!** she sent. **And she's such an adorable child that obviously.. has grown fond of you.**

Wintersong shot a fiery look at her and reached down to get his 'atachment' from his leg. Arrowmoss smiled brightly at him -pretty content that
he finally took notice and put her on his arms. Suncheek smiled warmly. "See? There you go."

Wintersong tried to ape her and held Arrowmoss out for her to take the child. But the young one had other intentions instead and clung desperately to the warriors strong arms.

**I don't know what's your problem, brother. If she so ardently wants to be around you -why bother? Why don't you accept it as a gift?** she winked slyly **Maybe the High Ones granted you with the ability to care about cubs!!**

Wintersong frowned. He knew his sis far too well to not see where she was going with this.

**And so.. you can get some practice before you soon will have your own child!**

"NO!" Wintersong shouted. "I will not have a child and I WILL NOT RECOGNIZE!!"

Suncheek stood frozen for a while. Only her eyes were blinking fast. Arrowmoss looked at Wintersong and her lips slowly began shaking.
As the hunter realized what was to come he turned his eyes *Oh great! Not that again!!*

"BBUUUHHHHHAAAAAAAA!" Arrowmoss suddenly burst into an ocean of tears. Sobbing he clang to Wintersong's chest - using also his pendant as a hold.Wintersong slightly shook his head and grumbled. Suncheek looked at him angry. "Well done, brother!!" she barked at him. "Give her to me!" she insisted and tried to loosen Arrowmoss grip from her brother's vest and pendant. But the cub wouldn't let go. Wintersong felt his blood
rising to his head as other wolfriders already looked at them to see what all the crying was about.

"She won't let go!" Suncheek whispered to him as they used their bodies to shield the three of them to the others' curious eyes. "Silence will be so mad." Wintersong stated helplessly...But like a storm can suddenly diminish in the sky, the cub's eyes soon became dry again. She still clang to Wintersong and suck on her finger instead. The two siblings let out a 'puuuh!' in unison and Suncheek smiled at her frosty-eyed brother.

**Maybe you should just take her with you.. AGAIN.** she locksent smiling sweetly. A smile pursed his lips too as he looked down on the

**You know, maybe you're right. I'll take her.. AGAIN!** he locksent back and winked.

Then he turned around and mounted his wolf, Strongheart. He placed that little bundle just in front of him to make sure she was alright.

**Okay, Arrowmoss.. let's go hunting..**