AutumnBerry ( deceased )


Character name: AutumnBerry

Previous name : AutumnBerry

Cub name: AutumnBerry

Soul name: Shlee



don't really know anyone...?

Family:  SweetBlossom ( mother-deceased ) and Ashsong ( father-deceased )
Lovemate(s): Darkeyes
Lifemate: none

Recognized mate: none

Skills/Hobbies: AutumnBerry is an excellent huntress. She is often found widdling arrowheads

Weapons/Tools:  Bow, quiver, arrow and dagger.

Tribal Duty: huntress, scout and storyteller. 

Hunting Party: yes yes!

Magic: strong sending  and wolfbonding

Likes/Dislikes: Likes to sing, often eerie songs of > the past.  She enjoys solitude, tranquility and soft sounds. Can be found in the forest daydreaming.

Fears: Seeing loved ones hurting, inside or out.

Strong Points: Stating what she believes in, keeping  secrects, singing, telling stories and problem  solving.


Hair/color: Chesnut brown with sunkissed caramel tints  that falls just past her jaw.

Eyes/color: Deep hazel

Height/build: A little tall for a wolfrider

Clothes/colr(s): Short, rigidly cut, tan skirt and  short-sleeved top with ravvit fringe.

Large, gold looped earings.

Special Items: Eagle feather that is unusually large, which she found while wandering throught the forest one evening.  She believes it calms her down when she holds it.

She is from the original tribe and arrived with Dovecall, Moontear, Newspirit, Moonstorm and some others. She was killed by Riverdance, a warrior plainrunner who wanted to steal her as a prize.

Bond Beast

Name:  WindSlate

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Appearance: WindSlate is a ebony black wolf with a  silver streak down his forehead which trails down his muzzle.  Has large feet and razor sharp claws and fangs.  He is well-built and muscular.

Personality: Can be a bit on the grouchy side, but can  be soothed and act like a pup when AutumnBerry sings to him.  Is a very wise wolf and often enjoys accompanying AutumnBerry in her journies into the forest.