Buffalohorn ( deceased )


Player name : Nick

Character name: Buffalohorn

Previous name :  Buffalohorn

Cub name:  ThunderingCloud

Soul name:  Zilh


Age:  800


Family: Blackbird ( lifemate -alive), Softfeather (daughter-deceased) Blackkettle ( father -deceased),  Rainshadow
( Mother -deceased), Blackshawl ( adoptive mother-deceased), Redwind ( sister-deceased) , Flameshy and Stronsprout ( grand-sons), Flamingstar ( niece) Owl ( nephew)

Lovemate(s): none
Lifemate: Blackbird

Recognized mate:

Chief of the Plainsrunner's, a shaman and tribal leader/ smoking his pipe

spear, leather shield/ various dried herbs and such

Tribal Duty:
chief and shaman

Hunting Party: no

Magic: sending and
deep sense
Buffalohorn is a wise leader. Thoguh he still seeks advice on a way to defeat the humans. It is his greatest fear that the elves will not flourish in these lands. He is a very caring father and husband. Very traditional in the ways of his people..Believes to be in touch with the highones spirits.

Likes/Dislikes: cubs frolicking, feasts/ humans and floods

Fears: All elves will die out in this world and not flourish

Strong Points: A very evasive leader. Plots carefully the details before embarking on ideas of others.An elf full of great wisdom


Hair/color: long beyond hip, dark brown (nearly black) Worn in a braid wrapped around his head and under his horned helmet.

Eyes/color: Narrow dark brown (nearly black as well)
Height/build: 4'4" average height for a plains elf / still muscular even though he is the oldest in his tribe.

Clothes/colr(s):  beige breeches and tunic, sometimes sports just a loincloth that is red with different stones sewn to it..Beige moccasins..

His horned helmet / decorated spear and leather shield

Special Items:
His medicine bag, full of herbs, bearclaw necklace (his first kill)

Buffalohorn was born during the worst times possible for a elf child. There had been no rain in 3 phases of the moons. The grassy plains harbored many fires of late. Though his parents were recognized, his mother died in childbirth, he was raised by his father's lovemate Blackshawl, the tribe's healer. Raising him up as the chiefs son. Neither of his parents ever let him stray from thier eyes, he was taught everything he needed to know to one day be chief. During his time as an adolescent he had strange dreams. The shaman of the tribe took him under his wing and found that the elfin lad had a gift. Eventually he grew to adulthood, finding a recognized mate he bore a daughter, Softleather. He is a very wise chief and has lead for nearly half of his seasons since birth. He rejoicies inwardly at new birth and little loss of life as it is his goal to oneday rid the world of the destructive humans.

Buffalohorn was killed by the traitor Stonecalf, a friend of Nowater.

 Bond Beast no hump

Name:  none

Age: unknown

Gender: female

Appearance: a dusky brown with white spotting on it's belly.

Personality: A gentle mare, not highstrung...