The Nightmare

                                        By Cristina (c) 2001


The two moons were high on the sky, but all around was dark. Moonstorm was hunting: a good hunt too, she thought with a light smile of relief. Eventually, however, she was a bit worried: somehow all the territory seeemed strange and alien to her. As if the darkness was deleting the world she knew.
Holtsong was not with her, and she missed the she-wolf: but after all it was better so, Holtsong was remained with her cubs, she had been the only cubsitter after Blackstone's death when Moonstorm was hunting.
Thinking back to Blackstone, a silent tear started shining into her eyes. She had hunted alone many times after his death, but still it seemed strange to her. She did not hear Blackstone's voice, she did not see his beautiful blue eyes. And she missed him.
*Think to hunt now* she said to herself. Her eyes focused on a young treehorn that seemed having lost his way. She carefully took her sword, taking aim and ready to attack. But suddenly an arrow flew high in the sky and while the shadow of an elf appeared in front of her, the treehorn fell on the ground, lifeless. Moonstorm frowned, she was sure she had been here before that strange elf so he had no right to take her prey. The wolf in her wanted to growl and to keep far the stranger: instead, still gazing at him, she slowly approached to the dead treehorn. The elf did not move, but when Moonstorm saw the arrow that killed the prey, she gasped jumping back.
A light arrow, longer than any other she ever saw. With light blue feathers, and a very long point. Only an elf had these arrows, only one could have, because Bluewater, the one who made them, was now missed. Moonstorm raised her eyes as the elf left the shadow, walking to her.
He was very tall, with paler silver hair than Moth, and shining blue eyes. Blackstone, Moonstorm's beloved lifemate, was alive and well, in front of her. He did not smile, he did not speak. But he was Blackstone. Moonstorm did not succeed to speak, she barely sent
Then she ran to him, crying, and hugged him tightly, almost fearing he could go away once again.
**Hallo Atter** Blackstone sent coldly. Moonstorm looked at him, crying of joy and relief
**Beloved... you're back... you're back to me! I missed you so much, Tyrek..** she whispered.
**I can bet.** Blackstone said pulling her away. He did not seem happy to be back with her. Or yes? His eyes were so cold, as if he was angry with her.
**Tyrek. Something wrong?** Moonstorm asked
**Why do you ask, Cyan Vixen? Or should I call you 'Moonstorm'?" sarcastically Blackstone asked.  **Yes Atter there's something wrong. For example the fact you killed me.**
**What?!** Moonstorm's eyes opened wide as she looked her lifemate, unable to speak **But... but Tyrek... I did not...**
**Oh yes Atter, you did** Blackstone sent back **Because of you, we remained in that damned territory. Because of you we did not go away looking for a safe place where to live. Because of you, we were still there when humans attacked**
**No! Tyrek, I didn't know!** Moonstorm cried **If I would have known... I would have never gone... I wanted us to live together! I wanted to see our cubs growing with you at my side!**
**You could avoid this to happen** Blackstone sent turning away. She desperately grabbed his arm, crying
**Tyrek I believed we were going to die of old age together! I did not want this to happen! Our family had to be together, I dreamt we could raise our cubs together, not by my own**
**Now you've the tribe. You're not alone** Blackstone replied. **Why, Atter? Why did you brought me... Treelook... and RiverHeart... encounter to our death?**
**But beloved I did not!** Moonstorm cried **How could I know... I believed the humans wanted to attack later... I did not know there was a trap... I would have remained with you Tyrek, I wanted to live with you, to die with you if it was our destiny...**
**It doesn't matter what you wanted. You're guilty, and that's all. Would you say it's not true?** Blackstone asked. Moonstorm stared at him, unable to answer. Eventually she blamed herself of what was happened, but she always tried to don't think about it, just the idea of killing RiverHeart had been enough painful.
**I...** she tried to explain. But she couldn't tell nothing. Because Blackstone seemed knowing everything. He nodded briefly
**Farewell, Atter** he hissed before running away.
**NO! Tyrek, wait for me!** she shouted trying to run after him, but every step he appeared to be more and more far, until when he disappeared... and she woke up crying in despair. Has it been all a dream? Her cubs were still sleeping but Holtsong at her side looked her elf-friend with surprise. "Blackstone... beloved.. forgive me, please..." Moonstorm whispered between the tears.
::Elf-friend all right?:: Holtsong asked
**I.... Holtsong... think...** Moonstorm barely sent before she locked her arms around the wolf's neck giving her a desperate hug **Holtsong I dreamt Blackstone, he was alive and he blamed me of his death, High Ones has been really my fault everything that happened...**
::Elf's mate would not:: Holtsong sent back, well knowing Moonstorm needed her aid ::No blame::
Moonstorm cried hugging the she-wolf, she felt so guilty and alone
::Walk?:: Holtsong asked with a wolf's smile. Moonstorm nodded, she knew she could wake up her cublings with her sobs and she did not want this to happen, at least it was better if they could sleep. She slowly left the den together with Holtsong, and sat on a rock, looking at the horizon. Tears were falling from her eyes as she remembered her lifemate's words, as she silently blamed herself for everything, not just RiverHeart's death.
"F... forgive me, Blackstone..." she repeated in a whisper
"Forgive you? And why?" a voice behind her asked. She gasped jumping up and turning when she found herself gazing a pair of shining cyan eyes, bright as saphires, and the welcome smile of Blackstone. He was here again? Another dream? She looked around for where Holtsong was but the wolf was not in sight. She turned again to the silver haired elf
**T... Tyrek?** she asked weakly.
**You missed me very much Atter. I know it** Blackstone answered. Crying, Moonstorm fell between his arms, even if he was here to blame her, she only was happy he was back once again
**I... I wanted to ask your forgiveness... Tyrek, I'm so sorry... If I could have known..** she whispered. Blackstone looked at her, smiling gently
**You've no guilt of what's happened, Atter. I'm not blaming you** he said holding her between his arms
**But... but I saw you in my dream...** Moonstorm said between sobs **You blamed me...**
**You were blaming yourself of what you did not** Blackstone answered pulling away the tears that were still falling from Moonstorm's green eyes **Just remember I love you and our cubs, and I'll love you forever**
**But... Tyrek... this is another dream... isn't this?** Moonstorm weakly asked, sincerely hoping it was not, hoping the dream, or better the nightmare, had been the death of her lifemate
**No, Atter** Blackstone said with a smile **This is a promise**
He pulled away a tear that started falling from her left eye and the moment later, instead of the tear he had a light blue flower in his hand. He placed it in her hair and then locksent:
**I'll be always with you beloved. Always**
Then, Moonstorm found herself looking at the horizon. Blackstone was not there. He was missed as he was appeared.
Surprised she looked around, had it been another dream?
**Tyrek?** she asked. Nobody answered to her while Holtsong jumped around her elf-friend. But something surprised Moonstorm. A blue flower she had in her hair? She took it and looked it until when new tears started dimming her eyes. Then, she suddenly raised her head and howled, soon followed by Holtsong.
"Thanks you, beloved" she whispered, before turning back to her den. She did not cry anymore, instead she was smiling. She barely whispered a word before falling asleep "Blackstone..."