That's what you do for love

                                   By Cristina  (c) 2002



Searock looked unsure around himself. Half the day he thought about a gift for his beloved Leaf, a gift he would have gave her at the celebration for the new Hot Green season. Thought, he did not know what. He hadn't any shape magic. And the birth of new flowers and plants was probably the most beautiful gift she wanted, something she had ever since she was born.
He distractly looked at Stonecrystal, his wolf friend **Hey Stone. What would you give to your mate if you could?** he asked
Stonecrystal looked surprised at him
**I mean... you know, when you were mated with Bravechief. What was a gif you gave him that made him happy? If you never did?**
::Bones:: Stonecrystal answered ::Wolves share bones and food::
**I didn't mean food!** Searock sent back with a sigh, turning to see among the things he brought from his tribe. There wasn't very much choice: nets, nets, and nets. He wondered why High Ones did he brought only nets: if he would have know he was destined to find someone as wonderful as Leaf, he would have surely brought anything from his tribe **High Ones, what can I choice?** he thought, closing his eyes and reflecting. He thought back to when he still lived at his sea home, and the day he left. Trying to remember anything that could help him.
His mind focused on the greetings of his departure. It was a bright morning, with a clear sky and peaceful wind that shaked the water. He looked back once again at the cave on the cliffs he was leaving forever, and sighed. He did not like saying farewell to his tribemates and friends, because of this he left at morning when everyone slept. As long as he heard a laugh, he understood everyone slept... but Blackshore the fool.
**Farewell, Coward-rock** the black haired wavedancer teased him, seeming all but upset at the idea of him leaving. Saying the truth also Searock was happy at least to don't see him anymore. But Blackshore seemed decided to let him lose patience even before he left **Searock the coward's leaving! High Ones how much I'm sad! Really I'm crying! Yeah, I'm crying 'cause there might be so stupid elves in my own tribe...** Blackshore grinned
Searock did not listen to him, growling but relieved thinking he would have been free of this fool very soon.
**Oh poor poor Seacoward! Will he succeed to stay l-l-long time away from his mom and dad?** Blackshore teased him **I bet now he starts crying...**
While gathering his nets, Searock tried everything to don't listen to the arrogant words of Blackshore
*Wanna see who'll he tease when I'll be gone* he thought angrily *I hope it'll be Goldhaze. So first time he teases her, she'll try to cut his head away*
**Have you ended crying, poor little Seastupid?** Blackshore asked with a grin
**Not** Searock answered losing his patience at all **As long as you'll finish being a crazy good to nothing, maybe...**
**Seastupid!** Blackshore growled pushing him away and quickly stealing a old, derelict net from the mop he brought
**Hey! Come back immediately!** Searock ordered, standing up and running after the thief **It is the first net my father made for me! You have no right to take it!**
**Then come to take it** Blackshore challenged him, running to a rock. And throwing away the net, far far away
**No!** Searock growled jumping up to catch it. He barely succeeded to grab Blackshore's arm, but doing this the two of them fell in the water **Here! I lost my first net because of you fool, CRAZY!** Searock growled
**Maybe you'll lose your head too! So you'll not be able to tell you're higher than me** Blackshore answered with an impish grin
**You FOOL!** Searock barked angrily , staring the horizon to see where his net was. Eventually, he did not see it. Upset, he left the water (Blackshore swam away laughing as a stupid) and was found by his faithful wolf-friend, Stonecrystal
::Elf friend go?:: Stonecrystal asked
**Yeah, we're gonna leaving.** Searock answered. **Wait I finish taking my nets and everything.**
He silently gathered all his weapons and tools, still upset because of the loss of his first net. He was very proud of it - and Blackshore knew it very well, being three times more stupid to steal it.
Walking away from his den, he looked one last time at his territory, with a sigh. Then, he and Stonecrystal ran away.
The dens were out of sight - just cliffs were barely visible - when he heard a sending.
**Searock! Wait!**
He turned surprised. His father was walking to him, silently. Searock sighed, he did not want to see him or his mother suffering because of his departure, and probably instead Blackshore woke them all
**Father, I...**
**Don't tell nothing.** Seafoam sent **Just take this**
He handed to Searock a small rock, shaped as a wave, where a jewel-shaped dolphin, made from a blue-green gem, was jumping over. The dolphin had a small piece of net locked in his mouth as if he was playing - and Searock recognized the net he believed to have lost.
**How...?** he began to ask
**Your net got lost, my son, you're right. But there'll be others. Don't blame yourself for what others did. I am proud of all the years you kept it** Seafoam sent **Because of this I rescued it.** he added, giving to the son the old net
Searock looked amazed at the jumping gem-dolphin, unable to find words to thanks his father. But Seafom did not want thanks
**Nothing to care for** he assured **Go now. And may the High Ones protect you, I wish you all the best**
**Thanks** Searock simply replied **Good luck to you... mother... Goldhaze... and Bluebottom as well.** he nodded once last time before turning to Stonecrystal **Go, dear wolf**
Now, he smiled remembering his father's last words, and patting Stonecrystal's head. Little Marlin barked happily wanting to play... and immediately Searock had an idea
**Of course!** he exclaimed, jumping up so quickly that Marlin let out a small howl of surprise. The sea elf ran to his nets, quickly looking among them all. The sharks net... the fish net... the long net... then he finally found what he looked for. A small net, smaller than the others, and very very old, with a derelict and tired look. There was something wrapped on the net: Searock caught it, and it was the blue dolphin with the wave. Despite the years, it was still shining and clear as when he received it.
Among all his nets and the remembers from his past tribe, that was probably the most important. Searock cared for it as for nothing else. Well then, now he had a gift for the elfess he loved more than his same life. He took it then turned to Stonecrystal and Marlin
**Let's go you two! Celebration is up to start** he sent happily. As he arrived at the gathering, his eyes scanned the area, looking for Leaf, his beloved lovemate. **Beloved? Where are you?** he locksent looking at the many gathered faces
**Just here, Searock** a voice sent back. Searock turned and saw Leaf climbing from a branch. Searock smiled tenderly at her, she was the most important person of his whole life
**Beloved, I have a gift for you, a surprise for the new season** he said happily, giving to her the jewel shaped. Leaf's eyes widened
**Is it for me?** she asked in surprise **Searock... it's simply wonderful!**
**I know. My father gave it to me when I left my tribe, and it has always been important for me**
**But you shouldn't have...** Leaf began to said
**No, I want you to have it** Searock said stubbornly **It is more than a simple jewel. I received it from my father as a show of how much he cared for me. Now it's for you... as a show of how much I love you**
Leaf did not say nothing, just throwing herself in Searock's arms
**Thanks** she whispered **Thanks you so much, Searock**
She then smiled at him, shaping a little flower that was grown nearby into a beautiful, much colored one
**A flower for you, beloved** she giggled handing it to Searock. He smiled, but refused it
**No thanks** he said
**Why not?** Leaf asked in surprise
**I already have the most beautiful flower I could ask for** Searock simply answered, kissing her and thanking the High Ones who made him know someone nice and kind as his beloved Leaf...