Winter's Gems

                                     By Cristina  (c) 2002



Moonstorm's bright green eyes faded outside her den as she huntress looked amazed at the holt now covered by white, soft snow. She smiled at Holtsong rubbing among the snow, and left the cave where she lived, thinking about everything happened in her past. She was glad she arrived here where she found good friends, as well as Fernglade, Suncheek, and Sunflower, despite the fact she lost half of her family. Loss of Blackstone, Treelook, and RiverHeart had been painful, but also discovering that both her parents were died and her sister never came back weren't good news. Anyways, she was regaining herself, and some beautiful news had been brought by the life at the new tribe.
Suddenly, a small snowflake fell in her palm. She frowned remembering last time it happened, and a soft smile came upon her lips as long as she remembered when her beloved Blackstone asked her to become his lovemate. It was a very cold winter. Almost like this one, she thought with a chuckle...

... snow was falling hard. The sky was very dark, and the wind was cold on Blackstone's and Cyan Vixen's faces. Though, they still did not stop their search. A week before, they suddenly lost Cyan Vixen's sister, Bluewater, and ever since they followed looking for a territory where to stop, where to wait for Bluewater to come back, or at least for the snow to fade a bit.
"Are you allright?" Blackstone asked to his packsister with a bright smile
"Why do you ask?" Cyan Vixen answered, playfully frowning "Do you want to defend me, Big Strong Wolf? Do you think I'm not able to care for myself just because..."
"You'll never change, will you?" Blackstone laughed
"Who? Me? Never" the huntress answered laughing herself
While they walked, Blackstone surprised himself to stare at Cyan Vixen. It happened frequently, by now. Every time he looked at  her, he noticed how gracefully light gave blue flecks to her dark black hair, how much her eyes sparkled, how much beautiful she looked, how much kind she was every time she helped him during a hunt even at their past tribe. Though, he feared to admit his own feelings for her. His older half-brother, Lonewolf, always told him to keep distances from her, remembering how Cyan Vixen's mother seemed accepting court of elves, and then snarled at them as an angry wolf. Also, Cyan Vixen had a strong consideration of herself, and Blackstone wasn't sure she wouldn't have snarled at him if he would have said he liked her. But by now he felt he couldn't keep this secret for himself anymore: he had to tell her, even if they still were walking to a safer territory
"Ehm.. Cyan Vixen?" he asked
"Yes?" she answered turning in surprise. Blackstone tried to don't blush, but she was looking him, _just_ looking HIS eyes with her wonderful green ones..
"I... I... I..." he started saying, unable to speech anything more. Cyan Vixen looked at the snow all around
**We'll be better to go, don't you think?** she sent
"I... I..." Blackstone still couldn't find the words. Cyan Vixen raised an eyebrow, in surprise. High Ones, he _had_ to say something "I... I.. I've seen the Mother Moon high in the sky..." he sang remembering a old lullabe he was singing when he was a child. Cyan Vixen smiled lightly at him, still a bit unsure, before turning away "Cyan Vixen!" Blackstone managed to call
"Yes?" she asked even more surprised. A small snowflake fell on Blackstone's hand, and Cyan Vixen took his hands with a smile, to see the flake
"Look Blackstone. A winter's gem came to you" she chuckled "It was how my father called them" she explained "Well, let's go?"
"Cyan Vixen..." suddenly, Blackstone took her own hands, looking seriously in her eyes "Do you want to be my winter's gem?"
Cyan Vixen looked at him still surprised, her green eyes widening
"What?" she asked, unsure she understood well
"Do you want to be my lovemate?"
Speechless, Cyan Vixen stared at him, her dear tribemate. The wind moved his short silver hair, his blue eyes shining as he waited for her answer. She looked at him, the elf she dreamt ever since she was a little cub, then suddenly she threw her arms around his neck, giving him a huge kiss
**Yes!** she sent happily **With all my heart, Blackstone... Yes!**

A light smile still was on Moonstorm's face as she realized the snowflake landed on her hand was gone. The black haired huntress sighed deeply: it had been the same destiny of her dear lifemate, her Tyrek, her "winter gem" as they still called each other even after their Recognition. He was always able to made her laugh... just as he was able to made everyone laugh around himself, she thought. Her eyes fell on her hand one again, and she noticed in surprise that she caught another snowflake. She giggled trying to think what this might mean. Finding another love? This seemed impossible to her ever since Blackstone died. Even if, as he always said, 'life is a surprise'. Maybe he just did want to let her know he did not really left her in spirit. Who could knew?
::Elf-friend plays?:: Holtsong sent happily barking. Turning, Moonstorm saw she was calling also for Moth, Fastwolf, and their new wolves Cuddles and SnowHide
**Yes, dear wolf. Let's play** she sent with a bright smile, throwing the snowflake high in the sky, happing again after long years of pain and desperation.