Player name : Nick

Character name:

Previous name : Daggersharp

Cub name: Flint 

Soul name: Lava


Age: 15


Littlefeet (mother-deceased), Shadowstalker (father-deceased), Flamedancer and 
Silence (Sisters), Snowbear (recognized life/love mate), Chip (son, potential rock shaper), 
Arrowmoss ( niece )

Lovemate(s): only one, Snowbear
Lifemate: Snowbear

Recognized mate: Snowbear

Soul brother : Darkeyes

Skills/Hobbies: Carver, flint knapper / making musical instruments, hunting, tracking

Weapons/Tools:  Wooden spear named Sweetshot because his sister, Sweetflute straightened 
the haft for him. It has a flint spearhead. He carved animal figures on it./ round stones of different textures, stone adzes, picks, axes, boles, chunks, and lengths of wood for carving.

Tribal Duty: Carver and guard

Hunting Party: Yes when he has time

Magic: sending and animal bonding


Likes/Dislikes: Surprising loved ones with hand-made gifts, spending time with his family./- HUMANS! 

Fears: finding out that his sisters, Sweetflute, and Flamedancer really are dead, and losing the family he has now.

Strong Points: Has much patience, rarely loses his temper, and is persistent.


Hair/color: Silky, wavy red hair worn loose to waist length. 

Are large, long brown lashes around deep hazel green eyes
Height/build: He is around 4 feet tall, and has a muscular, athletic build.

Clothes/colr(s): As few as possible. He tends to wear vests, loin cloths (breechclouts- sp), and soft leather boots. He likes green, and mustard-yellows. His favorite piece of clothing, though not worn often is a tunic of very soft leather dyed an ochre-yellow, trimmed with ravvit fur by his sister, Flamedancer. 

The great bear tooth with large bear claws on either side strung on a simple leather cord.

Special Items: none

Daggersharp came from a close family, he was particularly fond of his younger sisters, Sweetflute and Flamedancer. His youngest sister, Sweetflute was probably his favorite sibling. He had felt a distance growing between himself and Flamedancer as she had taken up learning tanning, and herbal healing. Her hours seemed so full, he wondered if she was over doing it.He'd gone on a short journey to a nearby clearing of hard wood trees to harvest wood for special projects. When he arrived back at the Holt, he met a beautiful female with white-blonde hair and violet eyes. When he looked into those eyes, he heard Fila echo through his soul. He could only stare at her, struck dumb by her beauty. He knew she was the only one he could ever love. He was fortunate, for Snowbear grew to love him, and later life mated with him. Snowbear was due to give birth in only a moon when the humans attacked the Holt. He and Snowbear had escaped, their wolfbonds died defending them. 
They met up with stragglers who met up with Talltracker.Though Daggersharp and his immediate family were together, he couldn't bear the constant teetering between the hope his sisters lived, and the despair they had perished. He had to find out, one way or the other. Snowbear, decided her place was with her lifemate, no matter what danger, or hardship they might find.

Bond Beast

Name :

Age: 14

Gender : Female

Appearance : Dark gray, black eyes, long tail and ears.

Personality : Shadowly is a shy wolf, who speaks only with her elf-bond, littermates, and the her 
bond's cubbling.

Littermates: Starfire and Slowstalker