Player name : Shalemni, (Marie)

Character name: Darkstorm

Previous name :  Darkstorm

Cub name:  Silvereye

Soul name:  Gheysa


Age:  175

to be decided

Family:  G'deen ( father-missing),  Sharden (mother- missing)  Swift ( brother-missing) and Waningmoon (sister- missing)
Lovemate(s): Cloudborn(missing), Leaffall(missing), Deilah(missing), Seis (missing , 
Raven ( alive )
Lifemate: none yet

Recognized mate: none yet but he gave freely his soulname to Raven.

Skills/Hobbies: Hunting, Tracking, flirting

Weapons/Tools:  Silver sword and dagger, he's adept with the bow and quiver as well.

Tribal Duty: Warrior, hunter/gatherer and tracker. (hey he still hunts and tracks darlings!)

Hunting Party: yes

Magic: sending and
wolf bonding
Broody, silent, ice-cool and fire-hot. Darkstorm has been much of an anomaly for most of his early life. He has developed an unpredictable nature, which can often result in 'surprises' or none at all. His past lovemates grew wise in their hearts to always be slightly more 'aware' when he was around.

Likes/Dislikes: Freedom, (spending 'Storm only' time), living in the 'Now' and simply being real and alive./Humans, and well anything that can be irritating.

Fears: Over excited cublings and baby sitting.

Strong Points: He's ice-cool on the outside and warm on the inside. Loving and caring when he permits himself to be is and overly protective in times of danger. He lives very much in the 'Now' of Wolfthought. Though at times even he finds it difficult to adhere to 'The Way'. When at times even he will willingly disagree with.


Hair/color: Dark mahogany red.

Height/build: Muscular and lithe.

Clothes/colr(s): Greys, blacks and dark earth browns.

jewelrey/decorations: Storm wears a patterned headbandbove his eyes that keeps his hair from falling into his line of sight.

Special Items: His dagger, given as a gift by his sire on the eve of Rampage's emergence from cubhood to a fully fledged adult.

Much of Storm's history is unclear, his memories have been scattered and his subconscious has suppressed much of what he 'should be' able to remember. All he knows are the basic parts of his life. His lovemates and his family members. What ever happened to them he isn't sure and being in the 'Now' of wolfthought he has left his questions unanswered. Figuring if his memories are fading he was never meant to remember, real life calls and leave the past be what ever it holds. The future beckons.

Bond Beast

Age: 4

Gender: female

Appearance: A dark steel grey with swirls of white and black fur through her coat.

Silent and cool like her rider, whisper has the uncanny ability to find 'routes' where she can travel silently through the forest. When she moves there is barely any sound save the soft brush of her fur. Storm compared the soft sound of her fur to the half murmured words when elves talk quietly. He takes great pride in her ability of 'silent movement'. He was a good friend of Quickthrust's & chose to be with his friend when the tribe splintered into two tribes.