Player name :

Character name: Darkeyes

Previous name : Darkeyes

Cub name: Darkeyes 

Soul name: Krin


Age: 107

Snow, Daggersharp, Snowbear -- tries to be friendly with  everyone, too

Family: Longtooth (father-deceased), Softtouch (mother-deceased)


Lovemate(s): Autumnberry ( deceased )
Lifemate: open

Recognized mate: none yet

Soul brother :  Daggersharp 

Skills/Hobbies: Can see further than most other elves in the pitchest  black.  A very persuasive elf, he has a knack for getting others to see  things his way and to calm down even the most angry of elves or beasts./Talking to people, especially his friends, staring at the night  sky, trying to count all the stars, listening to birdsong, watching Daggersharp carve, watching treeshapers and metalshapers do their work. 

Weapons/Tools:  Is wonderful with knives and throwing daggers

Tribal Duty: hunter and explorer , future trade leader with trolls

Hunting Party: yes

Magic: Powerful sending, wolf bonding.  No other magics have presented themselves.


Darkeyes has a tendency to see everything with wide-eyed wonder, almost as if he were a cub.  Even things he's seen over and over again are regarded  with awe with each passing day, especially things of nature.  He delights  in watching the work of the 'shapers,' and wishes he had shaping powers of  his own, like both his mother and father did.  He is, however, not envious  of the powers of others--he lets them know their works are appreciated!  Sometimes he likes 'observing' too much and has to be reminded to eat!  Darkeyes is usually a pretty happy-go-lucky guy and takes great delight in  making others smile, too--it's been said of him, "Darkeyes never wears a  frown and, High Ones, his smile is contagious!"  On the occasion when something is bothering him, he usually finds time to  be alone or confides in his friends.  The recent loss of his first wolf  bond on the elves' trek to Snow's holt as well as the discord at the  last holt has left him a somewhat depressed. 

Likes/Dislikes: Dark cool places, the cool feel of rock, watching shapers  do their work, talking with and spending time with his friends, gazing up at the night sky and trying to count all the stars, thunderstorms and the  feel of rain on his skin, listening to water flow in a brook -- He just  loves nature in general /  When others are unhappy, bright daylight (the  sun hurts his eyes more than most other elves, except Snow ), headaches caused when he  strong-sends too much

Fears: Recognition.  He fears it will change his current way of life. And spiders, especially giant ones.

Strong Points: A very persuasive talker.  He can draw you into any  conversation.


Hair/color: Ebony black with silver highlights, falls down to his ankles  but is tied back in a braid held by a thong.

Eyes/color: Round, large and dark black--it looks as though he has no  pupil.

Height/build: Darkeyes is a somewhat short elf, about 3'6", but he is slim and has an  athletic build.

Clothes/colr(s): Wears a long blue loincloth that hangs to his ankles,  wears short black boots at times, but also likes to be barefoot so he can  feel the ground with his feet.

jewelrey/decorations: see below 

Special Items: A strange small blue crystal found while exploring. He  wears tied to a thong around his neck and likes how cool the stone always  feels.

Darkeyes was born to a recognized couple in Talltracker's tribe.  He fled  with the group of elves that left the night of the last human attack and  found Snow's tribe.  Both of his parents were rockshapers, but if Darkeyes  is to be, he hasn't found the power, yet.  If you ask him, he doubts the  power will show itself, and instead takes delight in watching others  create things.  He could spend hours with Daggersharp (and Snowbear)  watching Daggersharp carve arrowheads or trinkets, watching Madhowl work  with metal (though he doesn't know this elf too much yet), or watching one  of the plantshapers make things grow.  Darkeyes himself possesses the  power of Farsight, strong sending, and Persuasion.  When he's not watching the shapers at work, his curious nature leads him  on trips of exploration.  He's quite interested in the bits and pieces  he's heard so far about trolls.  Though elves and trolls seem to be at  odds with one another at the moment, Darkeyes doesn't feel that way.  Darkeyes has secretly been drawn to Snow since the first time he'd seen  the younger elf.  Though Snow's talents are different than Darkeyes', the  latter sees Snow as his opposite in appearance and as a  long lost  brother.   He wonders if the young chief can sense the strange  brotherhood, as well.  Darkeyes' biggest hope is to accomplish something grand someday that will benefit the whole tribe.  He hopes to earn a new name for himself. When his beloved Autumnberry was killed, Darkeyes was devastated. Who know if he'll overcome this ?

Bond Beast

Name : Shiver

Gender : Female

Age : 8

Appearence : Shiver is a wolf with a black face and black and brown mottled fur over the rest of his body.

Personnality : His deep blue eyes reflect his high intelligence, though that and his great curiosity often get him into scrapes and