Death is the Way...

                           By Natacha choquet 2000



Spike was holding Raindance in his arms. The sweet herbal healer was still asleep but Spike knew that it would be soon 
the time to woke up, as his stomach told him. Raindance opened slowly her lovely blue eyes and smiled at her lovemate .

" Hello, beloved..." she told him. She was staring at him, loosing herself on his deep purple eyes. Spike smiled back and kissed
 her softly : " Are you hungry ? I am myself and I'm sure that we could find something in the storage den. "
Raindance nodded, she was hungry indeed. Both get up and greeted their packmates they found in their way
 to the storage den. Soon, they were eating some fresh meat and Spike frowned : " I'll have to go to hunt later, we'll need some fresh
 food before the cold arrive. "Raindance added gently : " And I'll need to check some new herbs for my potions
 too, LittleFlute would give birth soon and I need some medicine for her and for you and the others...who knows what could happen ? "
 Raindance smiled, get up and hugged tenderly Spike : ** I'll be back soon, beloved...**
** Do you want me to go with you? ** asked Spike, he didn't like to know Raindance alone in the forest.
But Raindance laughed : ** No, lovemate, I'll be fine and I won't go far. Just prepare your own hunt...** and she left.

Later, Spike began to think that she was gone since a long time when he heard it, a loud mind scream ...her scream.
He screamed outloud : " NNNOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! "and called for his wolf. Followed by some others elves, he finally found her. 
She was lying on the ground, full of bllod, her own blood. The hunters found some bear's tracks while Spike was holding his dead
 lovemate, he was crying and this was the first time he did that. The hunters found the bear and Spike joined them. He was the
 one who finished him, howling for Raindance. They came back to Raindance and all cried for her when someone
 called : ** LittleFlute will have her cub ! Come back ! **
Spike smiled softly at Raindance and thought : * A lost life and a new life, that's the Way. Farewell beloved...*

To be continued ....?