Who does what ?


Here you'll find the duties of our packmates : who does what ?

The "main" duties :

Chief : Snow

Chief in second : Spike, who is chief right now as Snow is away.

Hunt Leader : Fernglade 

Hunt Leader in second : Stormwave 

Scout Leader :  Hawk

Tanner : Flamedancer, Tishil and Suncheek 

Midwife : Silence 

Healer :  Sunrise, Flamedancer and Willowdream ( both herbalists ). Newgreen is an herbalist in training.

Treeshaper :  Leaf and Willowdream

Rockshaper : Kreylar

Metalshaper : Madhowl

Trade leader with the trolls  : Darkeyes

Storyteller :  Flamedancer

Carver :  Daggersharp and Shareheart

Explorer : Darkeyes 

Main Fisher : Reed, Searock, Moth and Runningwater

We don't make the list of the hunters, trackers and such as it concerns the main part of the tribe.