By Eva and Natacha (c) 2001



 Spike was riding since around half an hour from the holt. He was crying silently. The thought of Snow unconscious ran in his mind and he felt  guilty, so guilty....Maybe that if he had been faster or anything, his chief  would be in good health...Hopefully, Reed was safe. Reed, the beautiful  Reed, fierce and strong and so impetuous. Spike still could feel her warm  skin against his, the softness of her hair and....* Puckernuts ! * He thought. * Your chief is badly hurted and you think of a maiden, knowing more that this maiden doesn't care about you ! Stop that now...*  Spike was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't hear the bear coming  behind him. When he and his wolf scent him, it was too late.

 Stormwave saw the bear's jump. One moment of hesitation, then she jumped out  of the bushes, she was hidden in and concentrated her thoughts. The bear  jumped against her invinsible wall and missed Spike. Stormwave smiled, while  worring about what she has done. She just showed herself after so many  months of hiding... Was it the right think? Or... The bear tried again, and  reminded Stormwave on focussing her thoughts again. At least the bear dropped of . Stormwave watched Spike, silently and not  moving. She felt tears coming up, but pushed them back. "S-Spike? Are you a-allright?" She asked softly. She gave him a worried look, mixed with  happiness and sadness.

 Moonsheen came between the new elfess and Spike. He wanted to growl but he felt that the newcomer meant no harm to his friend, after all, she saved him from the bear. The big wolf came and scented Stromwave. The scents were similar and different in the same time from Spike. So the wolf sat to see how his elf friend would react. Spike looked at Stormwave, and he gasped. He was unable to speak nor to move. Finally, he managed to send : ** Stormwave? Is that you? ! So, I am dead....** He has to be dead to see her as she was missing and certainly dead herself since a so long time. Slowly she walked towards him. **Spike... My cousin, you're alive. I saved  you from the bear. You're allright now.** Spike didn't move, nor he did he speak or sent. A small smile and a strange glow appeared on her face and softly she stroke with her hand his cheek. "Do you feel this, my friend?  Does it feel like you're death?" she asked with a warm look in her oblong eyes.

Spike get up on his feet : " But...but you're dead, Stormwave ! You have to be dead ! Otherwise, why didn't you answer to our sendings? How did you survive ? High Ones, this is so...incredible. " he said. Then, he hugged her tightly : " My hands touch with joy, my eyes see with joy ! You're truely alive, my cousin !!! "

Stormwave felt tears comming up by the questions, she tried to push them back, but they already run over her face. Of course she heard them sending, but she didn't want to come back at all, she was too ashamed of what she had done; running away without taking any responsibility... She felt unconrtable and didn't know what too say. She only stared at her cousin, who was still hugging her. **Spike...** she sent after a long silence; **I didn't want to come back... I couldn't...** More tears run over her face and she turned away from her cousin. **I killed Tailchaser. I let him hunting, while knowing that he was too weak...** she sent and turned to Spike. A moment of silence fell again between the two elves. Then Stormwave walked towards her cousin and hold him tide. "I'm so sorry Spike! I'm so sorry..." she whispered into his ear. Spike hugged her while he was crying : ** That's not your fault, little one. And you know that only truth is in sendings. He was killed by bad luck, that's all. But you shouldn't have leave like that, we were so worried, I was so worried ! ** He looked at her : ** We have a new holt now, and snow is our chief. I have to bring you there. And on our way, you'll have to tell me how you survived during these years and how you found me. **

 Stormwave smiled a little and wiped her tears away. "Come on, let's go!" she said a bit happier, before taking his hand and smiling again. "Well? How did you survive?" Spike asked, when the two elves were on their way to the holt. Stormwave shooke her head. **I don't know. Well, I do, but..." She hesitated and looked to the ground. **The first days I stayed close to the holt, not too close ofcourse, but just...** She sighed. **But after a week I decided to choose another pad and so I left, not knowing where the pad I just had chosen, would end.** She looked at Spike. **When I left, I kept you in my heart, so I could always think of you and remeber you. For me, you were always with me, after I run away; by the hunt, in my dreams, always. But I knew that you weren't really there...** She smiled sadly before telling on. **My hunting and other 'surviving-skills' increased those years, that's how I survived. In fact, I just HAD to survive, otherwise I knew I would never see you again.** She looked deep into his eyes, before telling on: **I don't know exactly when I met my wolf Warwind, but it was a year or what ago. He became my best and only friend. I enjoyed the time I was with him and I decided to go back. Back, for you and all the others I left all those years ago.** She wiped some tears away. **I guess the High Ones led my to you.** In her eyes appeared again a strange glow ans she smiled at Spike.
Spike smiled : " And I'm happy they did it, my cousin. But we should have come back earlier and...Puckernuts ! The important thing is that you're alive and here with me ! Come on, I'm certain that a lot of our packmates will be glad to see you're still alive ! " He put her on her wolf and rode his own. Both ran in the direction of the Shadow Wolf Holt, in the direction of their home...