Player name : Marjut

Character name: Fastwolf 

Previous name : Fastwolf

Cub name: Fastwolf 

Soul name: Lier



Brightmoon, Sunrise, RunningWater, NewGreen

Family: Moonstorm (mother- alive), Blackstone (father-dead),  Treelook (brother-dead), Moth (twin sister - alive), Foxtear ( aunt-alive)

Lovemate(s): too young

Lifemate: too young

Recognized mate: too young

Skills/Hobbies: hunting, tracking

Weapons/Tools:  sword

Tribal Duty: Young hunter in training 

Hunting Party: not yet but he is a hunter in training

Magic: sending  and wolfbonding

Friendly and silent.  Fastwolf is serious boy who acts more grown up that he actually is. He wants to be consired as an adult and tries very hard to not do anything childish.

Likes/Dislikes: playing, hunting / humans

Fears: to lost also her mother and sister

Strong Points:
calm and serious. Feels responsibility and wants to protect his family.


Hair/color: thich but silky black, reaches little over his shoulder.

Eyes/color: cyan

Height/build: tall and strong

Clothes/colr(s): Brown leather with black decorations and boots, green headband.


Special Items: none

He's born with his twin sister Moth. His parents recognized again and they had another son. After this, Fastwolf followed his mother at the human camp and when he returned, he saw his father and youngest brother killed. He hates the humans and wants revenge. He's a playful cub and he's always bickering with his sister, calling her Beetle indeed than Moth. Since he arrived in Shadow Wolf Holt, he feels at least at home. He made new friends and wants to become the best hunter this tribe ever saw.

Fastwolf has enjoyed years his family has stayed in the holt. He has made many friends and learned to hunt, which makes him very proud. He still wants to learn more and become the greatest hunter ever. He was surprised when his aunt, who was supposed to be dead, appeared in the holt. Fastwolf has been amused with Foxtear's behavior and Moonstorm's reaction to her. More surprised followed when Reed returned to the holt with her lifemate, Lonewolf. Moonstorm revealed that he is the brother of Blackstone, the twin's father. At first, Fastwolf was excited. He memorizes his father as a great hunter and a kind father and he hoped that this new uncle would be a great friend and advisor. But as things soon turned out, Lonewolf was changed a lot and Moonstorm ordered her cubs to stay away from their uncle.

Bond Beast

Name: SnowHide

Age: 5

Gender: female

Appearance: avarage build wolf with strong legs. SnowHides fur is snow white and her eyes are crystall blue.

Personality: Playfull and fearless like all wulf pups. Likes to suprise everyone (specially other cubs, elves and wolves) by hiding on the snow and then then suddenly jumpping on them. No longer a cub, SnowHide has calmed greatly. She shares Fastwolf's interest to hunt and the two of them like to wander in the woods, practicing tracking and hunting small game. In winter, they still enjoy to play hide-and-seek sometimes.