Player name : Natacha

Character name: Fernglade

Previous name :  Fernglade

Cub name:  Keek

Soul name:  Tyr


Age:  106


Riverleaf ( mother-deceased ) ,  Quickfoot ( father-deceased ) , Sunrise 
( son-alive ),  BrightMoon ( adoptive-son )

Lovemate(s): Mistwalker ( presumed to be dead )

Lifemate: Mistwalker ( presumed to be dead )

Recognized mate: Mistwalker ( presumed to be dead )

Skills/Hobbies: taking care of her family and friends

Weapons/Tools:  Long sword  and dagger.

Tribal Duty: huntress and holt guard

Hunting Party: yes

Magic:  sending and wolfbonding 
Fernglade is a quiet elf, who was used to smile more with her eyes than with her mouth. But since she recognized Mistwalker and had her cub, she smiles really much more and she's totaly devoted to her family.

Likes/Dislikes: Her family, hunting, listening Mistwalker playing the flute, listen her cub laughing, being with friends and family, taking care of her son, honesty. /  trolls, she hates them since they killed her last wolf. 

Fears: Losing her family

Strong Points: A really good huntress and guard. But above all, this is the love of her family that make her strong.


Bright golden hair, reaching her shoulders, worn free and wavy.

Clear grey eyes that miss nothing.

Height/build: svelte built.

vest with a fur collar , pants, boots/ blue, green, brown


Special Items:
Small wooden sword from her father


Fernglade is really close to her family and friends. She can be stubborn but never moody. When she recognized Mistwalker, an unexpected recognition, she first was upset because she was already in a three-mating . But she felt in love with Mistwalker and they became lifemates. Now, she would die for Mistwalker and their son, Sunrise. 
Fernglade has always enjoyed a good fight. Even as a cub, she was constantly pestering the other elves to teach her how to use the long sword. As she grew older and experienced a real battle, it frightened her and her whole outlook changed. To watch as her tribemates get cut down and injured while she could do nothing about it but try to stay alive made her angry. When her own wolf was killed by trolls, saving her life, she swore to kill all the trolls she could. 
When a new friend Fleetfoot decided to leave their last holt  to search for his family, Fernglade and her own family followed him with Fleetfoot's lovemate. Fernglade hoped to find a quiet place to raise Sunrise, a new holt to call home and they found Shadow wolf Holt. And she secretly hope to recognize again Mistwalker and to give a brother or a sister to Sunrise.

She just recently adopted BrightMoon, bringing this way a new cub in her family they could all love.

Just when Fernglade's life seemed easy and full of joy, Mistwalker and his wolf bond Darkcloud were attacked by humans in teh forest nearby. Mistwalker just was able to warn his lifemate before falling into darkness. But when Fernglade arrived in the place, there were just blood , a few traces and Darkcloud's body. She was unable to find Mistwalker and even if he never answered her, she couldn't believe he was killed, but alive somewhere and unable to reach her....

She recently left to find her lifemate, unable to stand his supposed death. Feeling he could still be alive somewhere, she left, leaving her two sons to the care of Fleetfoot and of the tribe.

Bond Beast


Age: 18

Gender: male

Appearance: big grey  wolf

Personality:  Quiet wolf who doesn't like to be disturbed. Only Fernglade, cubs and Fernglade's family can approach him easely.