Player name : Sharon Go

Character name: Flamedancer

Previous name :  Flamedancer

Cub name:  Little Spark

Soul name:  Ferd


Age:  94

Spike , Silence

Family: LittleFeet ( mother-dead ) , Shadowstalkers (father -dead ), Daggersharp (brother-alive), Silence ( sister-alive) , Chip ( nephew-alive), Arrowmoss ( niece )
Lovemate(s): Lovetalker, (male -missing)
Lifemate: none

Recognized mate: none

Skills/Hobbies: Herbalist, tanner, dyemaker, hunting, tracking , flint knapping/ Dancing, singing, playing a wooden flute

Weapons/Tools:  Spear, dagger/Flint & bone implements for tanning, and herbal mixtures. Drying rack made of wood, and braided leather cord for her herbs and roots. 

Tribal Duty: Herbalist/gatherer, Tanner

Hunting Party: yes

Magic: sending and
wolf bonding
Generally Flame is good natured, loves to laugh, sing and dance. She is a little shy of people she is not familiar with. Though slow to anger, when she does snap, it's explosive

Likes/Dislikes: Dancing, singing, laughing, her tribemates- wolf and elven /humans, meat of carnivors (meat eaters), fighting amongst the tribe 

Fears: Humans, fighting amongst the elves which results in tearing the whole tribe apart

Strong Points: Patience, Wisdom, cares about the entire tribe, and will take action to keep the peace, or help others, Friendly, helpful.


Hair/color: Silky, wavy, just past waist length that has a tendency to fall forward. When she loses her patience with her hair being in her way, she pulls it back and secures it with a length of braided leather./Red

bottle green
Height/build: 3' 9" / slender somewhat athletic build

Clothes/colr(s): Tunic, leggings, fur vest, soft boots, and fur a cloak, the pelt of a lynx / tan, black, and ochre tones.

jewelrey/decorations: Necklace of a bird's tiny vertebrate and small animal teeth with a large bear's tooth. A thin silver bracelet. A silver clasp in the form of a pinecone worn on the fornt of her top.

Special Items: Spear decorated with small animal teeth strung on leather cord, and feathers. A set of carved wooden bowls.

Flame-Dancer is second born to mother Littlefeet, and Father Shadowstalkers. Her parents were lifemates, and a fine huning, and tracking team. She has a brother two decades older than herself, Daggersharp. Daggersharp is a gifted carver. Sweetflute, her sister is  younger than Flame-Dancer.
Flame-Dancer bonded with Silverstreak after several years of being adopted by wolves who had lost their elf friends 
Flame-Dancer had been out gathering herbs and berries when the humans struck. She returned to the Holt in time to see Littlefeet, and Shadowstalker struck down. She had no idea where her brother and his recognized lifemate went. Flame-Dance was stuck from behind, and knocked unconscious. When she came to, she went back to her den and packed a few things and unsteadily mounted Streak. Somehow Silverstreak found Sweetflute and found their way to Snow's Holt. 

Bond Beast

Name: Silverstreak
Age: 14

Gender: female

Appearance: Soft gray fur, with a lighter gray underbelly. Topaz eyes and a streak of very light shiney grey running along one side of her face, between her ears, and down her neck

Personality:  Friendly, mischeivious, curious, and very protective of her bondmate and FD's sibling. She loves rough housing and playing with anyone who will play with her. She loves the cubs of the tribe. 
She can send and receive from her bondmate, and can hear Sweetflute .