Player name : NPC

Character name: FlamingStar

Previous name :  FlamingStar

Cub name:  Shyhide

Soul name:  Orie


Age:  23


Owl (brother-alive) , Redwind (mother-deceased) , RunningBear (father -deaceased) , Buffalohorn (uncle-alive) , Blackbird (aunt-alive) , Softfeater (cousin -alive), Flameshy and Stronsprout ( grand-cousins)
Lovemate(s): Nowater
Lifemate:  Nowater

Recognized mate: wants Nowater 

Though just out of childhood, she still watches the children and is learning to scrape hides.

Weapons/Tools: bolas (in secret before, but she had to stop because of the events) /carving and scraping  daggers made of bone.

Tribal Duty: mate of Nowater

Hunting Party: no

Magic:  sending and animal bonding (jackal)
Shy and quiet. Totaly devoted to Nowater and she loves her brother too.

Likes/Dislikes: Nowater, roasted corn and corn cakes/ being treated like a child, humans, not being recognized to Nowater.

Fears: Prairie fires, losing Nowater or her brother.

Strong Points:  
A headstorng girl when given the chance to complete a task she does it above and beyond the call of duty.


Hair/color: black, straight to mid back with slight curls.

rounded / deep dark brown.

Height/build: 3' 8" but still growing

Clothes/colr(s): head scarf, 1 peice dress, sandals / brown treewee fur with pale yellow leather trim, pale yellow trimmed in brow tree wee fur, brown leather.

jewelrey/decorations: wooden starshaped necklace (her mother's)

Special Items:
see above


FlamingStar was born when the times were good for the plainsrunners. She and her brother Owl accompanied by her parents met with her Mother's sister and her family for a winter, but the parents were ill from travel and perished due to a wasting disease that none could heal. Even Blackbird her aunt with her healing gift, try as she might could not help them. She looks after her brother as a mother. Though she is just barely an adult her uncle still trates her like a child at times which drives her mad. Her family loves her as much as if she and her brother were their own and she knows this, but still when they coddle her it unnerves her.She hopes to one day defy her elders and become a great huntress. She secretly is training her jackal cubs even though they are young. Not that she dislikes the boys and men, but she wants to be more to herself than a female who has her duties..

In love with Nowater, she followed him with his band when he left the wolfriders's holt. Flamingstar became Nowater's lovemate and hopes to  recognize him. Nowater took her as his first lifemate and despite the fact he wants more females, Flamingstar accepts it. She's too happy that he chose her that she can accept anything from him. Now, her only dream is to recognize him and to give him a child.

Bond Beast ( Jackal )

Tailchaser /. Digger

Age: 6 years old

both males

Furry little fluff balss, definately well fed..

Personality:  As thier namesakes they are definately puppies.