Player name : Nick 

Character name: Fleetfoot

Previous name :  Fleetfoot

Cub name:  Shycub

Soul name:  Nym


Age:  135

, Fernglade (alive), Sunrise (alive),  Brightmoon ( alive ), Suncheek ( alive)

Family:  Yellow-Wolf  ( brother-missing), Shehowl (sister-missing), Lone Wolf ( brother- (missing), Redpelt ( brother -missing), Joysong ( sister in law -missing), Willowbranch ( neice, twin to Leafwhisper -(missing), Leafwhisper( neice, twin to Willowbranch -missing), Shecub ( neice -missing), Gold-dew ( neice -missing), Littlehowl ( nephew -missing), Goldgleam ( mother -deceased), Dark Tongue ( father -deceased), Silverhide (stepfather -deceased), Nightmoon ( twin sister -deceased)

Lovemate(s): none

Lifemate: Nightmist ( deceased )

Recognized mate: none 

Skills/Hobbies: Hunting / leatherworking (small knicknacks and toys for kids, etc...)

Weapons/Tools:  Hand axe, black wood bow 

Tribal Duty: hunter and  guard

Hunting Party: yes

Magic:  sending and wolfbonding 

He always acted so grown up so as not to appear to need help, though his siblings always managed to bring out the cub in him.He worries an awful lot and was consantly concerned for his family.

Likes/Dislikes: His loyal wolf bond, soul brother, siblings, Fond of cubs/ Anthing and anyone hurting those he loves

Fears: Not being there to help

Strong Points: He is an experienced hunter. Always tring to prove himslef worthy of those he loves, very caring soul.


Hair/color: Falls just below his hips, worn looses, until hunting & then a twisted 2 peice braid/ silky black

narrow/ amber

Height/build: 4' 8"/ muscular & stocky

Clothes/colr(s): fur boots, pants, two strips of material across his chest/ black, brown, white fir/ black leather from his vest

small leather pouch he made frim weaving paices of his families hair into a string, it contains a shed nail from Autumn Dawn, a few pebbles from his home, some sea shells , leather string & feathers

Special Items: silver vine headband from  his mothers)

Fleetfoot was born to a recognized couple within his tribe though his mother also had a lovemate which she had a child with already. Born a twin his sister died during the phase of a single moon. During his sixth season his father was killed while hunting bear alone. But his silent cries soon ended as his mother. A fortunate elfin woman bore 3 more children. a daughter and two sons. The five of them were very close and always stuck together, even in mock hunting. Though they still wrestled with each other every chance they got. His mother passed a few turns after her last son, the wasting sickness took her & her lovemate shortly after. Fleetfoot & his kin were reawakened with joy when their eldest brother recognized. They much like their mother had produced five children. Fleetfoot kept a close eye on his young family, always the protector of the cubs. Then one day the holt he called home was attacked by humans. The holt was an uproar, Fleetfoot helped gather his family into a cave and went to get the others. He found himself near the river trying to help one of the elders when he was hit in the head. He floated down the river till he washed up on an icy cold bank. Walking what seemed for days, he found his wolf-friend and passed out from exhaustion and the fact he was hungry and cold. His wolf carried him on her back until she found her way to the warmth of a new  tribe's lodge. After lovemating with Nightmist and making some new friends, Fleetfoot decided to leave with them in search of his family, and maybe to find a new holt to call home.

Bond Beast

Autumn Dawn
Age: 9

Gender: female

Appearance: reddish orange coat

a loyal bond, more like a sibling