Player name : Anna

Character name: FoxTear

Previous name : Bluewater

Cub name: Bluewater

Soul name: Ilir


Age: 120

befriends with everyone

Family: Nightgrowl (mother, deceased), Longbranch (father,deceased), Moonstorm (sister, alive), Moth (niece, alive), Fastwolf (nephew, alive)

Lovemate(s): many when they can stand her chattering
Lifemate: none

Recognized mate: none 

Soul brother/sister : none

Skills/Hobbies: tracking/her greatest hobby is worrying for others. Foxtear can't be happy if she can't worry, whimper and grumble. She's a cubsitter and loves to tell stories. She also is a skilled dancer.

Weapons/Tools:  none 

Tribal Duty: tracker and cubsitter 

Hunting Party: sometimes

Magic: sending, wolfbonding (might have treeshaping, but if she does, nobody knows)


Foxtear is a gentle, kind-hearted worry-wart. Every time there's someone suffering or upset or brooding, she has to care after it. Also, she can't stand someone suffering - and she often cries. She rarely hunts because she feels uneasy killing, despite her wolf-blood, and is very sensitive toward cubs and old ones. There has
always been a friendship-rivality among her and her younger sister Moonstorm: she changed her name before and this is something Foxtear does not like at all. Plus, she feels her sister is a hot-headed grown up cub who often gets in trouble, and she _has_ to care for her. This is something her sister does not like too. But Foxtear's happy only when she can play the "boring grumbling old elf". Despite this, she cares for Moonstorm a lot especially after she learnt her parents are dead.

Likes/Dislikes: worrying, grumbling after he sister, crying, caring for cubs/death, seeing someone killed, someone suffering, humans.

Fears:  Death, humans, pain, illness, snakes, bears, being alone (despite she managed to "survive" many years alone, even if she tells it has been "awful"), too much darkness, surprises or sudden events, and wild wolves. She's even scared by trolls, despite she knows the ones near the holt are actually not meant to harm them. There's nothing she can do : she fears them.

Strong Points:
she's very sensitive and always understands what you're thinking. Maybe she seems a softie-always-crying-empty-headed elf, but if you need comfort and a volunteer aid, she'll be at your side always.


round cheeks and full lips. Despite she's older than Moonstorm, she seems a lot younger

Hair/color: long to her waist, curly and silver. She wears her hair with a high ponytail wrapped with vines, Brownberry-style.

Eyes/color: round green eyes.

Height/build: Foxtear is average tall for a wolfrider female, slim though femine

Clothes/colr(s): somehow like Brownberry. A green jacket closed by straps on her chest, bare arms & waist, a knee-long violet skirt, and blue sandels.

jewelrey/decorations: a golden belt on her waist, and two earrings with a wolfhead and purple gemstones

Special Items: none


Bluewater was the first daughter of Longbranch and Nightgrowl, and one of the gentlest Wolfriders at her time. She was very kind, but she hadn't many friends of her age because sometimes she ended up being too much often crying and worrying. Her best friend was Sunflower, whom she helped a lot gathering her herbs and
stuff. Years after her birth, her parents Recognized again, and she had a sister. Initially she was jealous when her sister had her name changed in Cyan Vixen because she rescued their mother from a trap: she felt as she deserved a namechange too, after many years spent "helping" others. Eventually, she changed her mind and she
began worrying more and more after Cyan Vixen as she did for everyone else. The two of them always ended up quarrelling, because Cyan Vixen though Bluewater was too much protective toward her who could care for herself, and Bluewater thought Cyan Vixen only knew how to get in troubles (usually, at this point, Cyan Vixen answered that yes, she liked to get in troubles, and her troubles were not matter for nBluewater). But the two sisters had a deep bond with each other, so
when Cyan Vixen left with her agemate Blackstone for new adventures, Bluewater managed to win her fear of leaving the holt, and followed them. They did not spend much time together, thought. Soon later, in fact, Bluewater get lost. That has been the most terrible moment of her life: she was scared of her own shadow and did not know where to go. She spent several years in solitude and sadness, at least until she met a loner wolf and they bonded. She named the wolf Amazon, and
her presence made her feeling more comfortable as she wasn't alone anymore. They travelled together until she was found by the other elves of the original group: they found her crying over the corpse of a dead fox who had been killed by illness, and after this she finally had her name changed in Foxtear. She's now going to see her sister back after many years - how will this handle their relationship?

Foxtear was recently kidnapped by Wildhead, a warrior plainrunner who brought her back to his camp as a trophee. He traded her with Owl who seems to have a crush growing on her. 

Bond Beast

deceased, killed in the battle against the plainrunners.

Name: Amazon

Age:  5

Gender: female

Appearance:  a big and slender wolf, she has a gray fur with reddish flecks on her sides, and silver flecks around her brown eyes.

She's a teasing wolf. Her favourite hobby is charming the male wolves for then growling at them and refusing their courtship. She hasn't respect for anyone but the leaders. Also, she's very protective of Foxtear and her best friend.