Good Old Memories

                                        By Eva Orta and Natacha Choquet (c) 2001




Spike was near the pool. He smiled as he stared at Stormwave swimming with Ashlore, Sweetflute, Nightmist and some others. Spike noticed how
Stormwave looked at Ashlore and he laughed silently. He wished that Reed could look at him that way one day....That reminded him something, when
 Stormwave was just a 10 years-old cub named Stormbringer and when he was himself around 130, still known as Starfall . Spike laid on the ground
and observed the sky, still smiling, as the memories came back.....

 " Starfall, let me come with you !!!! " supplied the cub. Starfall grinned, he was ready to hunt and he didn't need Stormbringer with him. Starfall's wolf, Blackpelt, seemed to smile and went to lick the cub's face while Starfall sent gently to her : ** Little cousin, you know I can't take  you with me, you're still too young for the hunt. **
 "Oh please?" Stormbringer looked begging at him and smiled as sweet as she could. "Please?" Starfall looked at her, smiling... And shaking his head. Stormbringer clinched her little vusts and tried to find another way to convince the hunter. Suddenly, she had an idea: She standed on her tiptoes and looked again at the hunter with eyes which were glancing of the desire to hunt. "Look at me Starfall! I'm not little!" She tries to stand higher on her toes and at the same time she smiled with her sweetest smile again. "Please?" she asked again. Starfall grinned and finally laughed : "You're incredible little cousin but you won't come. I have to prove that I'm a great scout and hunter and have to go alone. So stay here and wait for my return,or you're parents would kill me." Starfall mounted Blackpelt and left quickly to not let a chance to Stormbringer to follow him.
 Stormbringer watched her much older cousin leaving, surprised and angry at the same time. So she stood there for a short moment, her lips persuaded on each other and her eyes big by the surprise of his leaving. 'What did I do wrong?' she asked herself. 'Wasn't I smiling sweet enough?' But like most cubs, Stormbringer couldn't stay angry for long and a huge smile appeared on her face when she had an idea. **Gentleroar!** she called her mum's bondwolf. If Starfall can prove he's a great scout and hunter... She smiled again, when the black wolfess appeared,  somewhat surprised by the calling of a elf-cub. Stormbringer runned to the wolf, who started to lick the cubs face gently. While climbing on the back of the wolfess, Stormbringer sent proudly to Starfall: **I'm going to prove I'm a great scouter and hunter too!**
 Concentrated on his ride, Starfall almost felt from his mount when he heard Stormbringer 's call : ** What do you mean? Stay in the holt, that's dangerous ! humans could catch you ! ** He hoped that he though of humans would make her stay with the tribe.Why was she following him like that all of the time? That's when he saw Raindance who was taking some flowers. He stopped and blushed. " H-Hello Raindance " He told her. She smiled at him and he smiled back, she was so beautiful...he would do anything to have her as his lovemate. In the meanwhile Stormbringer decided to follow her cousin. Or would she stay at the holt, so the humans couldn't catch her?
 Stormbringer hesitated and couldn't make up her mind. **What would YOU do?** she asked Gentleroar, while hugging the wolfess. The wolfess licked the cubs face, not understanding where the question was about. "Hmm...Maybe..." Suddenly the little cub had found the solution. With her little knife, the humans wouldn't catch her, would they? She laid her head on the small knife she wornt on a small belt. Then she looked down at  Gentleroar. 'Well, IF my knife woulnd't stop the humans, but I'm sure I can... But IF, I'm sure Gentleroar does stop those humans,' the cub smiled and hugged the wolf again. **Come on, Gentleroar, find Starfall or a prey for me.**
Raindance smiled at Starfall. She thought he was really handsome and she had a big crush on him since a long time but never dare to tell him. " Hello Starfall, what are you doing here ? " she asked him." I am just scouting a bit, maybe find a prey or two. I have to prove that I'm a great hunter..." he answered." But you're a great hunter, you already caught my h..." began Raindance, coming nearer when they heard a big noise just behing the bushes. Gentleroar appeared with an excited Stormbringer on her back. The shewolf stopped and seemed to laugh while she sent to the cub : * prey. for you are prey maybe * Stormbringer grinned and hugged the wolf. **Thank you, my softy-furry-friend.** she sent to Gentlertoar and laughed, while still hugging the wolf. Stormbringers' smile dissapeared when she saw Starfall's look. He looked at her, angry, and he wasn't laughing at all.
"I-I uh-..." She gasped and stared at the ground. Then she looked up again, this time with a huge smile on her little face. "I... I found you, Starfall! So now..." She glanced at Raindance and then looked again at Starfall with a prud look in her eyes. "I've proven that I'm a great scout." She grinned softly when she said: "But YOU haven't proved a thing. Accept your great flirting talents maybe..." The cub laughed and looked at Starfall, with glancing eyes.
Starfall blushed. He was upset and furious in the same time. He was about to answer when Raindance took gently his arm : " The cub is right, you are really talented, Starfall. I think we should talk about that my den maybe? " She winked at him and left in the woods. Starfall smiled stupidely at looking at her. " She-She invited me in her den..." he whispered. Then, he turned to Stormbringer and grinned: " Ummm, allright, for this time, I won't tell your parents that you disobey...but never dare to do that again ! " He laughed , carried and tickled her while he brought her back to the holt.....

to be continued....