Player name : Wim

Character name: Hawk

Previous name :  Hawk

Cub name:  Screech

Soul name:  Quay


Age:  114


Family: Whitebrow ( father -deceased),  Flamemist ( mother -deceased), 
Shareheart ( cousin-alive )

Lovemate(s): as many as he can get
Lifemate: none

Recognized mate: none

Skills/Hobbies: good hunter, scout/ being in the woods with his hawk and wolf bond, flirting.

Weapons/Tools:  sword, bow/ none

Tribal Duty: hunter and scout leader

Hunting Party: yes

Magic: sending , wolf bonding and animal (hawk) bonding
Hawk is still a cub at heart, fancies himself the ladies man and does his duties for the tribe without arguing. He uses his hawk bonding abilities to communicate mentally with his hawk. He has since become a scout , using his hawk as the pair have a telepathic bond.

Likes/Dislikes: Hawks, female elves, his bond, dreamberries/ humans, war

Fears: Short supply of females and dreamberries

Strong Points: When not acting like a playful cub, he is very sincere and fulfills his tribal duties.


Hair/color: shoulder length/ dark brown

averge slant/ brown
Height/build: 4' 7"/ stocky and  muscular

Clothes/colr(s): tunic, pants, loin cloth and boots/ brown, green, grey

jewelrey/decorations: A black leather thong necklace witha silver hawk talon charm

Special Items: none

Hawk was the only child of a recognized elfin pair. They named him screech due to the fact that as a cub that is all he did. At his birth a pair of hawks flew in and made a nest in the father tree. Screech would mimic the babies & screech back at them even at so young an age. He was always active and usually scampering high in the trees.
The tribe was amazed when his hawk bonding abilities emerged. Using his abilities to help the tribe in any way he can is a joy. And any excuse to fly Skyfeather, or run with Frosthowl is perfect for a great day.
He recently had a secret crush for Reed, that is a bit slowed because of her feeling and relationship with Spike. Finally he told her, only to be gently told that she's not ready. So Hawk is once more making the most of other female's compaionship as he sorts out the fledging emotions about Reed. Thankfully there's no jealously with Spike, who also has taken to her.

He was quite surprised and happy when his cousin Shareheart arrived to the holt with some other survivors of the old tribe and he doesn't intend to let her go anywhere this time as she is her only "family".

Hawk Bond (basic red-tail hawk)

Name: Skyfeather

Bond Beast


Age: 13

Gender: female

Appearance: A white coated with with a silver tint running down her back & sides.

Personality:  She was the apha female before she lost a challenge against Holtsong. Saddened by Moonsheen's death, who was her lifemate, the brave she-wolf didn't really had the will to fight. She is very motherly. Often mothering cubs, wolfen and elfin.