HiddenEye ( deceased )


Player name : Jeff Bennett

Character name:

Previous name :  Downwind

Cub name:  Lil Nut

Soul name:  

Gender: Male

Age:  32

  Madhowl, Kreylar, Reed, 
Silence , Tishil, Arrowmoss

Ableblade (father-dead), Songfeather (mother-dead), Pathmaker (sister-dead), Arrowmoss ( maybe daughter-alive)

Lovemate(s):  Starwise ( deceased ), Silence and Tishil.


Recognized mate: none but he gave his soulname to Silence who shared it with Tishil.

Skills/Hobbies: hunting, playing with forrest animals/making arrows & flutes

a bow & arrows, a small dagger used in carving flutes

Tribal Duty: unsure

Hunting Party: unsure

Magic: sending and wolf bonding

Likes/Dislikes: hunting, making friends with animals, helping others, learning new things/his often clumsiness, sitting around doing nothing

Fears: Spiders, hurting others feelings, trolls or humans attacking his friends

Strong Points:
he is an excellent archer & makes arrows, double checks things, & a fast learner.


Hair/color: long brown with curled ends.

purplish red left eye (he lost his right one)

Height/build: 4'8"

a brown right eyepatch, brown leather strapped boots, a pair of brown pants, a belt with a quiver attached, a brown vest, brown leather arm straps.

he wears a metal band on his right arm.

Special Items:
a flute that Sweetflute had shaped for him a few years ago.


His tribe was attacked by humans, & his mother and father both killed before his eyes. His sister in an effort to save him pushed him over a small cliff. On his tumble downward, he met a small tree with an awkward branch that he lost an eye to. She was mortally wounded, but managed to hold on for 3 days. She patched up his eye as best she could, not being a healer & unable to send for one with any luck. He was befriended by an old wolf named Rabid, who helped raise him as a friend & equal. The 2 lived for awhile before they stumbled upon Shadow Wolf Holt.

HiddenEye befriended a sweet elf named Sweetflute. He was attracted to her by her lovely music he'd hear playing in the forest. He approached her and before long became a lovemate of hers with another named Starwise.

Not long afterwards, he found or more appropriately was found by a strange "kris" shaped dagger that had an odd influence on him. He believed it to be the dagger that killed both his father & sister, but that wasn't true.

He eventually left the holt with Sweetflute & her family, but ever so slowly they all returned to the holt. He also just recently lost his wolf Rabid to a "mysterious" death that resembled being mauled by a bear!?! He can't remember of what happened with Sweetflute as she just one day disapeared. He was found by Whetstone, Fernglade, Silence and Arrowmoss and brought back to the holt, without knwoing that Sweetflute was Silence and that Arrowmoss is maybe his own daughter.

When he finaly was reunited with Silence and became again her lovemate as Tishil's one, he was killed by a warrior plainrunner during the attack of the holt, by saving Silence.

Bond Beast ( deceased )

Name: RabidEye



Appearance: .