Player name : Christina

Character name: Jade

Previous name :  Whitecold

Cub name:  Ambermane

Soul name:  Gyah


Age:  243


Mossflower (mother, deceased), Thunderbird (father, deceased), Shinystar (sister, deceased), Silvermoon (sister, deceased).
Lovemate(s): Nightlight (deceased) and many others, they are her main interest.
Lifemate: none and does not wish to have any.

Recognized mate: none. Sometimes, she think she'd like to be a mother, but the idea of a family scares her. And then, she does not like the idea of someone knowing who she really is, what she really thinks, and everything she tried to hide about her past and feelings.

Skills/Hobbies: a skilled dancer, Jade has a special talent for getting on your nerves. She can manipulate someone's words until he or she ends up saying something they didn't mean to, barely realizing they are doing so. She uses this trick of her own mostly with other females, because she enjoys to put lovemates against each other, but she can act this way even with males, if she does not like them (difficult) or they refused her courtship./Flirting, making others quarrelling because of her, dancing.

Weapons/Tools:  a short sword.

Tribal Duty: flirt, dancer and troublemaker

Hunting Party: no

Magic:  sending and wolfbonding 
Kind and flirty toward males, she hides a bossy personality, and a lack of patience. Pretty soon, her lovemates end up doing or saying what she wishes them to do and say, as she can be very stubborn and leads them as if they were her own puppets. Toward females she's sly, elusive, just apparently friendly, and kind of anti-social. She likes to fool them and to steal males from them, but if any maiden tries to reason with her or even to quarrell, Jade can be very mean and aggressive. However, despite her behaviour, Jade is not totally a bad elf. She sees herself as always in competition against the others maidens, and this sight of the world has been caused by her uneasy past. But she still has feelings, and despite she enjoys to steal them from her own packsisters, she loves her furmates dearly, and would be ready to die for them.

guys, flirting, dancing, when two lovemates quarrel because of her/when a male refuses her courtship, maidens

Fears: to lose her competition for owning a male's heart. And to lose someone she cares for without having the time to tell him how much she really loves him.

Strong Points: can be very brave.


She has an heart shaped face, with sharp chin, dark eyebrows and elegant, delicate shaped ears.

Hair/color: her hair is straight and light blond, cascading in soft locks past her waist. She wear her hair loose.

almond shaped, large pale blue eyes.

average tall for a Wolfrider female, she's sleek and elegant as a mountain longtooth, but also very feminine.

Clothes/colr(s): a green-gray-bluish long tunic, grey pants, and a dark green jacket./green and gray.

jewelrey/decorations: two aquamarine earrings that match with her eyes.

Special Items: 


Jade's life has been pretty much influenced by the events that earlier occurred in her life. She was the firstborn of a couple of lifemates, she felt safe and loved, and she cared for her parents a lot. But things abruptly changed when Mossflower and Thunderbird Recognized again. Their new daughter, Shinystar, was a little pest who liked to get in troubles more than everyone else in the tribe, and, therefore, the two parents were forced to always keep an eye after her, to prevent her from finishing in dangers. They had less time and cares to give to Jade, who began feeling refused, as if, with the birth of her little sister, she was no more important at their eyes. Even their names told so - Shinystar had been called that way because, despite her personality, she was as precious to them as the most shiny star in the whole sky, while she was only Ambermane, because of the color of her hair. Soon, she developed a deep hate toward her sister, and a deep contempt toward her parents as well, thinking they did not deserve to be parents twice if they were unable to care for both children. Things became even worse, however, when Mossflower and Thunderbird Recognized again. Now, they had to care for that little pest of Shinystar, and for the newborn who, as every baby, needed them more than anyone else. And so they decided their firstborn, who had grown up as a close-hearted and silent youth, was old enough to care for herself. Ambermane never forgave them for this decision. Outraged, but avoiding to show how much their behaviour had deeply hurted her, she left the den, and went living by herself.

In the following years, she always felt as if she was in competition against her sisters, especially Shinystar, who understood her hatred and felt much more the same toward her. But Jade was not a skilled huntress as Shinystar, or a good tanner as Silvermoon. She narrowed her mind on how she could be better than them, how could she leave them in the background, and finally she decided she'd have became a flirt, the greatest flirt the tribe ever saw. She did: she began sharing her furs with every male she could get, most of the times stealing them from others girls and laughing when she saw their disappointed and upset faces. Each time she stole a guy from a maiden, it was as if she'd have avenged the way she had been threated because of her siblings. And, of course, when Shinystar was noticed by Oakleaf, one of the hunter, Ambermane  immediately caught him in her net as well. Her sister never forgave her, but Ambermane did not want or need her forgiveness. She was mean and crud
el even with the youngest one, Silvermoon, a delicate and sweet elfess who had always tried her best to get along well with her: she made males laugh after her and felt satisfied when her young sister ran away, her cheeks red and her eyes filled of tears. Shinystar and Silvermoon weren't the only ones, however: she was arrogant and unfriendly toward every other maiden, and this was the reason why, at the beginning of a new howl, the chief announced she'd have had her name changed in Whitecold. It was then Shinystar, who was still jealous for the way Ambermane had stole Oakleaf from her, claimed it was a fitting name as her sister was as glacial and heartless as the White Cold season. Furious, Whitecold jumped up, claimed she had no right to speak since she had been much more heartless when she was a cub, and that she was as hypocrite as everyone else in her bloodline: and then she left, more upset and frustrated than she had ever been. She'd have probably left the tribe, if not
 for Nightlight, a gentle treeshaper who had been pretty much distant from her ever since, but who couldn't just stay and look while her heart was breaking. He spoke with her, and did his best to cheer her up. A few days later, Nightlight had became the last of her many lovemates.
She never told it to nobody, but Whitecold cared a lot for him. 

More than for everybody else. Maybe because all her others lovemates had found something else to do, while she was desperate, and he had been the only one who tried to help her overcoming the bad mood. She felt as if she'd have been ready to spend her whole life next to him, but this commission also scared her deeply, and, being a flirt from so many years, she thought it would have been too much weird to give her whole heart to one elf only. So she decided to wait until she'd have had enough strenght and courage to say farewell to the elves she had stole from the tribe's maidens, or until Recognition would have brought she and Nightlight closer than they already were. In the meanwhile, her hate toward Shinystar grew even more: one day, she wandered out of the holt borders, and spent hours thinking to how she could get her sister in a bad light to everybody's eyes. She noticed nothing weird, but when she came back, she discovered the tribe had been attacked by trolls and everyone was dead. Nobody could guess her grief when she discovered her parents corpses: despite the way they had threated her, she still cared for them a lot, and if she had grown far and cold toward them, it was just because she had felt rejected, betrayed, alone. But even more she grieved when she bumped into the rest of who once had been Nightlight, her beloved lovemate. He was dead, and she had not been at his side, she had not been holding his hand, she had not told him how much she really loved him. She has never really overcomed this shock: her twisted mind blamed Shinystar, as she would have been with Nightlight if she would have not been too busy planning a revenge against that viper of her own sister.

After this, her mind became slighty twisted. She sees every female as her sister, as someone who is in competition against her for having more affect and love from someone she cares for. While, initially, she was a flirt just for hobby, now it is her main purpose, and she can be very mean with the others maidens, if she has a chance to: not enough to actually be challenging, but she always manages to get on their nerves. By the new name of Jade, she has been found from the Plainsrunners, and here she discovered there are some survivors of her old tribe. She also discovered it's easiest to see a Plainsrunner girl running away crying than a Wolfrider girl, and this always give her some kind of mocking amusement, somehow like when she upsetted Silvermoon until she started whining and crying as the stupid brat she was.
But it's not told Jade will always be the nasty and arrogant elfess she is now. After all, what she secretly wishes to find is love and protection, even if being rejected once made her very suspicious and careful when she has to voice her feelings, even to her lovemates.

Bond Beast

Name: Ebony

Age: 7

Gender: male

Appearance: all black, with one yellow and one green eye

Ebony is a silent wolf, who prefers to stay in the background and has no wish to became an alpha. He doesn't like too much friendly wolves and can sometimes be aggressive if they try to approach too much.