How to join us



We don't accept any new characters right now, please contact us for any question. You're free to adopt one of our adoptables characters or to wait for some cubs to be born ( they should arrive soon :-) thanks !

You can join us by adopting an adoptable or by creating your character. I advise you to first mail the gamemaster first to be sure we are accepting new characters right now, and what kind of elves. The gamemaster has the right to ask you to change your cis to make a character who would suit more with the holt and he is the one who'll decide if you can join us or not. thanks.

Magic powers will be limited, If you'd like a power or power please email me the request and we'll try to come to an agreement.

The powers are:

Animal Bonding , Healing
Sending ,Shielding ,
Plant Shaping , Rock Shaping, magic feeling

To create a new character, please take exmaple of this sample of a cis ....


Player Name :

Character name :

Previous name :

Cub name :

Soul name :

Gender :

Age :

Family :

Lovemate(s) :

Lifemate(s) :

Recognized :

Soul brother/sister :

Skills/hobbies :

Weapons/toold :

Tribal duty :

Hunting party :

Magic :


Likes/dislikes :

Fears :

Strong points :


Hair/color :

Eyes/color :

Height/build :

Clothes/colors :

Jewelry/decorations :

Special items :



Name :

Age :

Gender :

Appearance :

Personality :