Player name : Adoptable 

Character name: Kreylar 

Previous name : Kreylar 

Cub name: Kreylar 

Soul name: Stin


Age: 7007


Family: Wolfwhisper ( recognized mate -deceased), Madhowl ( son - alive), Majandra ( mother -deceased),  BrightEyes( grand-daughter-alive)
Lovemate(s): Moonshine (deceased)
Lifemate: Moonshine (deceased)

Recognized mate: Wolfwhisper ( deceased )

Skills/Hobbies: A tapper and rock shaper/ thinking of his past 

Weapons/Tools:  none yet

Tribal Duty: rockshaper 

Hunting Party: no

Magic: sending  and rockshaping.
PERSONALITY : Kreylar is a very sad elf, he longs for his freedom or his death whichever comes first. 

Likes/Dislikes: freedom, his deceased mate, his son/ trolls, he hates them

Fears: That another elf will be caught by the trolls 

Strong Points: Kreylar is a wise elf when he has the opportunity to show it, he is an expert rock shaper as that is the duty the trolls have given him  


Hair/color: mid back, loose with a few ringlets at the ends/golden blonde 

narrow / steel grey

Height/build: 5' 10"/ tall & very slim (due to the trolls lack of feeding him) 

Clothes/colr(s): loincloth/shoulder pads/ russet 

jewelrey/decorations: none 

Special Items: none 

Kreylar was born in the trolls caverns. He knew only his mother and his recognized mate, as she too was captured. The pair had a son and Wolfwhisper named him MadHowl as it wasn't the life she had wanted for a cub. Kreylar is still at a loss at his families death at the hands of the trolls. He hopes to oneday die or find his freedom .

Kreylar feels better and better amoung the wolfriders and Fleetfoot put a strange idea to him : would he be able to love and to be loved by a maiden ? Maybe that the coming of the plainrunners would bring an answer to this question.....

He fell in love with Moonshine and luckyky, she loved her back. That's why he decided to follow her wherever she should go , to be with her and to discover the world. He left with Nowater and his band after this one went mad, hoping to maybe ease him. But he didn't succeed and Kreylar fled the camp with Hush, in unknown yet circumstancies. It is supposed that Moonshine is deceased as he left without her...

Bond Beast

Not bonded