Fernglade's leaving

                                        By Laura  (c) 2002


Sunrise watched his mother wave to them one more time. He was  standing there at the holt's edge with his brother Brightmoon and
Fleetfoot and Suncheek - who would as of now be their guardian.  He felt sad and empty and a big chunk(word?) was in his throat. He
gulped but none of the feelings would subside. Everything was settled now and everything was said that had to be  said.

He knew it right from the start when his mother started to talk to them about her decision to leave: She wouldn't have any discussions over it!

*Oh how I wish to accompany you, mother.* the young healer thought desperately as he clenched his fists. *I will miss you so much - even
more than I miss father already!*
Secretly he watched his brother and the two elfin friends by his side. *What will this bring for us all? Will brother and me get along? How
will Fleetfoot decide when there're important matters? And will Suncheek truly stay here with us?*

The golden haired youth felt tears welling in his eyes. He raised his hand and returned his mother's wave - allthough she was long gone into the forest by now.

And finally he couldn't resist his pain anymore and a loud howl came from his throat: "Aaayyyyyooahhh!"

"Farewell and may the Sun and Stars guide you safely through your quest... and back to us!" he whispered. Locking eyes with his brother he smiled weakly. Brightmoon laid a hand on his shoulder and the two brothers walked slowly back to their den.

This holt would be somehow empty for them both now. But none would talk about it just yet. Whatever to come they would await the uncertainy the future held for them...