Player name : Elsbeth

Character name: BrightMoon

Previous name : Lil Spirit

Cub name: Lil Spirit

Soul name: Lax


Age: 14

  Sunrise, Fastwolf , Moth, Runningwater, Newgreen, everyone.

Family: Gold Spirit ( father-deceased) ,  Winterleaf (mother -deceased), Fernglade ( adoptive moter- alive), Mistwalker ( adoptive father-presumed dead) and Sunrise ( adoptive brother-alive)
Lovemate(s): none 
Lifemate: none 

Recognized mate: none 

annoying the adults, getting dirty, learning how to shoot and getting in trouble           

Weapons/Tools:  Sling and small pouch for stones

Tribal Duty: youth

Hunting Party: not yet

Magic: sending , wolf bonding.

Very outgoing, mischivious and friendly, he can be quite a pest when he gets hyper. He loves to go exploring with Sunrise and his wolf, Darkhowl, often landing them in trouble and letting Sunrise get them all out of it. Now, he loves to entertain the two newcomers Moth and her brother Fastwolf too.

Likes/Dislikes: exploring with Sunrise, Moth and Fastwolf, trying to hunt, his wolf, being mischevious and laughing/ humans

Fears: Loosing his family again

Strong Points: fast learner and he’ll never abandon anyone


Hair/color: loose ringlets to shoulders with small green headband / pale brown

Eyes/color: round and large / green                                                                                                             
Height/build: short/slim, has the potential to develop muscles

green, open vest that reaches middle of ribcage, black pants with ragged edges that reach to shins and have green patches in the knees, green moccasins/ green and black                                                                           

jewelrey/decorations: none 

Special Items: wood and stone crafted necklace, was his mothers

Brightmoon has always felt he was to blame for his mother's death, though he isn't. She died giving birth to him, and the healer couldn't save her. He grew up, under his father's protective eye, and felt like his father treated him too much like a cub. But he understood why...his mother's death had hurt GoldSpirit very deeply. When GoldSpirit was killed in the battle with the trolls, Fernglade and Mistwalker adopted Brightmoon. He gained a new family and a new name at the same time. He works very hard to make his new family proud of him, but he just can't stay out of mischief that long. He tries.he really does!

He found new friends with the plainrunners twins, Newgreen and Runningwater, and it is even rumored that he found his egal in mischiefs in Runningwater.

The recent supposed death of Mistwalker made Brightmoon really depressed, as it was the second time for him to lose a father, but he would try to overwhelm this for the rest of his family. Now that his mother and his aunt are back and alive, he is fully happy and he even recently shared his first kiss with his dear friend Runningwater.

Bond Beast


Age: 5

Gender: Female

Appearance: dark grey wolf with a brown ruff

Personality:  Very playful though she is out of the pup stage, follows Brightmoon everywhere and is very playful and clumsy…she has horrible timing and NO stealth