Player name : Elsbeth 

Character name: MadHowl 

Previous name : MadHowl 

Cub name: MadHowl 

Soul name: Hain


Age: 224


Family: Kreylar ( father -alive) , Wolfwhisper ( mother -deceased)  and BrightEyes ( daughter )

Lovemate(s): Sunflower, open !

Lifemate:  Sunflower

Recognized mate: Sunflower

Skills/Hobbies: metal shaping/ making jewelry 

Weapons/Tools: none

Tribal Duty: metalshaper 

Hunting Party: no

Magic: sending and metalshaping, maybe wolfbonding

PERSONALITY :  Mad Howl is full of hate as it is all he has known in his life. He could be less maddened if he was allowed a new choice. Seems like since his arrival on the holt, he feels much better and begins a new life. And he is now truely fond of females. Even if he recognize Sunflower, he doesn't know if they'll lifemate or not and he is more than open to have some lovemates.

Likes/Dislikes: making jewelry, his father/ trolls, he  hates them with a passion 

Fears:  never having a mate ( now, losing his mate) and losing his father

Strong Points: Very stubborn when dealing with the trolls, never has had time to show more  


Hair/color: shoulder length with one braid from behing his head that hangs over his left shoulder/ golden blonde 

narrow/ grey-green 
Height/build: 5'/ very lean & muscular 

Clothes/colr(s): loin cloth/ brown 

jewelrey/decorations: manacles on wrists for when he too is chained. 

Special Items: none 

Madhowl was the product of a recognized pair, it is believed his mother was a wandering wolfrider from an unseen tribe. He wants his freedom greatly and would have left if his father wasn't so weak to travel. He is a very stubborn elf who shows this all the time to his troll captors. Given the chance he could prove himself a great elf. He longs to meet other elves because he has never seen anymore than his mother and  father. Though he hopes it will be under better circumstances.

He seems to have find a new home in Shadowwolf, and he just recognize Sunflower, something totaly unexpected for him. Now that he discovered what joining means, he becomes a flirt, something not at Sunflower's taste.

Since his daughter BrightEyes was born, Madhowl spends most of his time with her.

Bond Beast

Name : Fastrunner
Age : 5
Gender : Male
Appearance : Dark grey wolf, with strong paws. One of the bigger of the pack.
Personnality : He is a strong minded wolf, really fond of food. No doubt that Madhowl will have to be patient with that one, who seems afraid of nothing.