Player name : Cristina

Character name: Moonstorm 

Previous name : Cyan Vixen

Cub name: Goldenrainbow 

Soul name: Atter



her old packmates, Riverheart (troll), Fernglade, Suncheek, Wintersong, Willowdream, Newgreen, Runningwater, Sunflower.

Family: Nightgrowl (mother, deceased), Longbranch (father, deceased), Foxtear (sister, alive), Moth (daughter, alive), Fastwolf (son, alive), Treelook (son, deceased).

Lovemate(s): Blackstone ( deceased )

Lifemate: Blackstone ( deceased )

Recognized mate: Blackstone ( deceased )

Skills/Hobbies: hunting/she loved to sing, and she has a beautiful voice, but she doesn't sing from the death of her lifemate and her cub.

Weapons/Tools:  a set of knives, a sword she received soon after her arrival in the holt, a bow, and an old sword she plans passing to her son Fastwolf.

Tribal Duty: huntress and warrioress

Hunting Party: yes

Magic: sending  and wolfbonding

Moonstorm appears to be a very cold and aggressive personality. Instead, she has an heart too, and she might get hurt easily. After the death of her lifemate, however, she tried to hide this side of herself behind and actually she's a bossy, brave, and fearless personality. She's very cool and often tries to don't show her true feelings - but when her past is concerned, she fails sometimes. Meeting Suncheek helped her a lot however, and by now she's getting more and more talkative and friendly, but only toward people she knows - she's extremely careful and reclusive toward intruders or strangers. Moonstorm's personality is the opposite of her sister, so the two of them end up quarrelling sometimes, but they care a lot for each other.

Likes/Dislikes: her family, hunting, howling/humans, everything can harm the holt or her family.

Fears: humans may kill everyone else she cares for.

Strong Points: she has a strong, cold and calculator mind. She's often studying the others' behaviour, so it's extremely rare to catch her offguard. Eventually, if she acts weird sometimes, it's because she has a reason to do so.


clearbrook-ish face, despite she seems older than she's because of the many fights she lived, she's also very beautiful.

Hair/color: very long, wavy, and black. Always loose. From her lifemate's death, she uses a green headband.

Eyes/color: slanted and deep green eyes.

Height/build: Moonstorm is tall for a female, extremely strong though slender, but feminine and well build.

Clothes/colr(s): Hot Green: a sleeved blue top and a light green skirt. White Cold: a set of colored fur jackets (especially green, blue and white) and black fur pants.

jewelrey/decorations: two earrings like Ember's ones in "Wild Hunt"

Special Items: none


When she was a very little cub, Moonstorm had her name changed after saving her mother from a snake. So she became Cyan Vixen, getting close to her sister, Bluewater, and a friend of theirs, Blackstone. Oneday, the three of them left the tribe for searching other elves and wandering through the world. They dreamt a life full of journey and adventures and were partially unaware of the many dangers they should have faced. So they ended up for losing Bluewater during the trip: she presumibly walked away, distract and head-in-cloud, and they never found her or her corpse. So they assumed she was still wandering - if she still lived. Short later, Cyan Vixen and Blackstone became lovemates, and they even shared soulnames. Eventually, their lifemating became true when they Recognized each other, with great joy of them both. Cyan Vixen was one year pregnant when they discovered a wounded troll named RiverHeart. According to her words, she was the first who did not lik
e the war between their kind, at least in her tribe. She came from very very far after she had been exiled because of her "fool" ideas of peace, and she would have died if not for Cyan Vixen and Blackstone. After this, she devoted her life to the two elves who rescued her: she was a midwife, and helped Cyan Vixen giving birth to Moth and Fastwolf first, and later when she and Blackstone Recognized again and the elfess became mother of Treelook as well. When the last cub was a few months old, they came near a human camp. Blackstone didn't want to remain there but Cyan Vixen thought the humans might don't know them: she wished a true home where to raise her cubs, and she thought it could be the place, if they did not scare the fivefingers. So, she went with Moth and Fastwolf to spy them. Here she discovered humans knew them and planned to kill them, but when she returned at the camp, she understood it had been a trap - the den was burned and dead Blackstone fell between her arms.
 RiverHeart was mortally wounded: she tried to save baby Treelook, but failed. When Cyan Vixen saw the dead corpse of her cubling, she was devastated, but she still had a terrible prove in front of her - taking RiverHeart's life, as the troll asked her, as she did not want to die suffering. The elfess tried every way to avoid it, but eventually she accepted and pushed the dead troll against
her sword...  killing the one who had been more than a sister for her.
This tragedy changed her life forever. She became a demon who had only a subject in her mind: getting revenge. At night, she burned the humans camp and while she observed the flames killing all the fivefingers, she changed her name in Moonstorm, the one searching for vengeance. She returned at her territory with her two cubs and kept on wandering until she met her old tribe, led by Talltracker. She learned what was happened and that the tribe split in two: but later she understood Talltracker was mad, and for avoiding any danger for her cubs, she followed Daggersharp and the others until the new holt.
Here, her revenge was initially seen as a potential danger, but finally Snow accepted her if she wouldn't cause any trouble. With thw time, she's getting involved in the pack's life, even more since she spoke with the plainsrunners soul healer, Suncheek, who became one of her closest friends. Recently, she has got another purpose in her life: she swore nobody would have suffered as she did, if there's something she can do to avoid it. Arrival of humans near the holt made her worry for her cubs, and even Holtsong's wish of family did not help though: she feared her wolf-friend wasn't able to win a challenge. Instead she did...

Bond Beast

Name :

Age: 14

Gender : female

Appearance : Holtsong is a petite, small sized she-wolf, slender and strong despite her size. She has black fur with a white "mask" on the top of her head, and golden yellow eyes. She's a beautiful wolf, but when she's in a bad mood, she looks decisive and nearly impressive, so that she can also face the tallest and largest wolf without fear.

Personality : ( Alpha wolf of the pack since her challenge with Frosthowl. )
During all her life, Holtsong lived many more adventures than some of the holt wolves. She faced humans several times with her elf-friend Moonstorm, and always cared for Moonstorm cubs with all her heart. She's a very bossy personality, strong, fearless, and the warrior-like type. She doesn't fear getting in troubles if she has to. Especially, she devoted her whole being to her elf-friend's family, eventually ready to die if her death is needed.  As her elf-friend, she does never show the gentlest side of herself,  and is extremely reclusive toward other wolves - not allowing them to confidence if she doesn't know them. She shows her motherly, protective side only toward Moonstorm's cubs. When she came at the holt, everything changed: Moth and Fastwolf thought they were too old for still needing a cubsitter as the wolf was, and she hadn't to face as many dangers as when she and Moonstorm were wanderers. Especially, after many years spent caring for her elf-friend'
s cubs, she now felt she deserved having cubs of her own. She desperately wished to be a mother, despite she knew she couldn't since she wasn't the alpha female. Jealously grew more and more until when she finally challenged Frosthowl: Holtsong never really fought with another wolf during all her life, and things weren't easy for her, but she won. Despite it, she waited for choosing her mate, firmly refusing to show to the other wolves any sign of gentleness in her traits - until when StrongHeart became the alpha male. His courtship was the only she accepted, but after her cubs birth, her warrior side is somehow tempered and she's now extremely protective and motherly toward every cub - hers, Frosthowl's, elfin or wolfin. Her bossy ways are fading only toward the holt cubs and StrongHeart: with the other wolves, despite she's gentle and sweet, she also appears to be firm when she's needed to be.