Player name : Wim

Character name: Moth 

Previous name : Moth

Cub name: Moth 

Soul name: Fla




Family: Moonstorm (mother- alive), Blackstone (father-dead), Bluewater (aunt- missing), Treelook (brother-dead), Fastwolf (twin brother- alive)
Lovemate(s): too young
Lifemate: too young

Recognized mate: too young

Skills/Hobbies: playing, making others smile/searching for flowers

Weapons/Tools:  none yet

Tribal Duty: cub sitter with the youngest cubs

Hunting Party: no

Magic: sending  and wolfbonding

Friendly and shy, Moth is too really sensitive and cries easely, especially when ehr mother gets in anger. that really scares her. She would like that her mother manages to live in the now and to care of the living more than living in the past, as she seems to do, totaly full of her desire of revenge.

Likes/Dislikes: playing , making friends, flowers, cubs / humans

Fears: to lost also her mother and brother

Strong Points: sensitive and gentle, she is patient and understanding.


Hair/color: long and straight, silver.

Eyes/color: deep

Height/build: slender. Medium tall

Clothes/colr(s): a short green dress

two golden earrings like Leetah's ones

Special Items: her two golden earrings given to her by Riverheart

She's born by recognition with a twin brother, Fastwolf. Raised by her mother and her father, she was born thanks to a peaceful troll but she knows others are evil. Later her parents recognized again and both Moth and Fastwolf helped them with the newborn. She followed her mother at the human camp and when she returned she found all burned and her father and little brother dead.

She found later with her mother and brother the part of the tribe leaded by Talltracker. But he became mad and her family and herself left this tribe to find the other one, leaded by Quickthrust. She hopes that she would find a true home there, and to make new friends. She thinks that she found them in Sunrise and Brightmoon.
Sometimes she's called "Gypsymoth" by her mother.

Bond Beast

Name : Cuddles

Gender : female

Age : 5

Appearance : reddish brown little wolf with bright yellow eyes

Personality : One of the smallest of her litter, Cuddles is playfull and loves to be caressed, that's where her name comes from. Would do almost anything to have Moth taking care of her.