A cub's wish

                           By Natacha Choquet 2001


* One day, they'll be my lovemates ! * thought the cub. She stared lovingly at the two boys who were training with their father, Mistwalker.
Since her and her family arrived in their new home, Moth found two great friends in Sunrise and Brightmoon. And they were so cute...she loved them both equaly and she knew she couldn't easely choose between the two.
She knew it wasn't comon to have two lovemates in the same time but she knew that could be. Sweetflute was in love with Starwise ( who was sadly deceased now) and HiddenEye, and even Reed seemed to have to choose between Spike and Hawk, without forgetting her feelings for Moth's missing uncle, Lonewolf.
Moth stood and blushed slightly when the two cubs smiled at her. Mistwalker laughed and grinned, winking at Fernglade, who was sitting not far.

** Little Moth seems to really like our sons, Trae. ** locksent Fernglade to her lifemate. Mistwalker nodded and smiled proudly, before keeping on the training.
Moth felt really at home here and was so happy. She was fed up of travels and of being afraid. Hopefully, her mother changed a bit and calmed herself, or she doubted they would have been allowed to stay. The young elfess went on the den that Leaf made for her twin brother, her mother and herself, and she rested on the furs. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine of how things could be when she would be an adult. She smiled and felt asleep, thinking anew : * Yes, oneday, they'll be my lovemates....*

to be continued...