Heart's confusion

                           By Natacha choquet 2001



Sweetflute looked proudly at Starwise. He was training again and again, always wanting to be ready if the trolls would dare to attack them again. She could still barely believe that some trolls helped them but that was the truth. Things changed...as people.
Snow became more mature and he cared about his tribe as he never did, everybody was worried for Lilspirit and Newsky, after what happened to Goldspirit. Maybe that Peacekeeper, the strange newcomer could help them to overcome this tragedy.
Leaf was laughing with Breeze and Ashlore, they seemed to try to forget the battle. And not far, she could see Madhowl offering some flowers to his newly recognize Sunflower. A lot of the others elves were in the forest, or talking with the rebels trolls, to prepare a way to destitute the troll king and t make the water fresh and pure anew.

Sweetflute waved at Spike , Nightmist, Fleetfoot and Stormwave as they left for a hunt. She wondered where Reed was and if Spike would one day have the courage to talk to her. But maybe that the fisher would choose Hawk as he seemed to care for her too. Or maybe she could take them both?
If life could be as easy for them as it was for Starwise and her. Well, that wasn't always that easy and now...now something was different too. 
She looked around her and saw him, Hiddeneye, who was trying to hide that he was staring at her since hours, as he did so often. She blushed slightly as she forced her eyes to focus again on Starwise. She noticed that Hiddeneye had a little crush on her but she guessed first that it was only because she was the first female he saw while arriving to the holt. But this crush seemed to last and she was confused, not knowing how to react. She wondered what Starwise would think of that and if he had notice anything.
Sweetflute sighed, she still didn't had the courage to talk to him about this. She loved Starwise for so long and with all of her heart but something in the young Hiddeneye attracted her too. She couldn't explain what. Maybe she would talk about this with Flamedancer too, but not now....
Finally, Sweeflute shook her head and stood up. She went straight to Starwise who smiled at her and she curled into his arms. She really needed to feel him holding her .

To be continued....