The Search part 5


By Nick



It had been a full five turns of the seasons since that fateful day. Snow was still searching for his kidnapped son. He had been without a wolf-friend and loneliness had begun to settle in upon him. He had been haunted by dreams of his deceased lifemate each time he tried to sleep. Each time Softfeather had come to him in his dreams, wearing a white bucksin skirt with tassles of white fur and blue bead work. Her arms outstrectched to him, calling him to her , a single tear running down her left cheek. Snow as much as he hated always rejected her wanting him, saying it wasn't his time and he needed to find their son. Though it plaugued him, was she calling him because this search would kill him or was she just missing her soul mate. 

            As he sat upright, he once again tried to rub the images from his tear streaked eyes. His head still felt fuzzy and he always felt nauseous after wakeing from that same dream. He couldn't recall when he had last eaten or when he even wanted to. The search for his lost son had been slowly taken a toll on the former chief. He had begun to grow more wild like , his wolf senses serveing him well. A handfull of times he had  to hide from bands of human hunters. Little did the humans know they had walked within inches of him many times. 

            Thanks to the humans traps he had fed well at times, though deep inside he was always worried if the game had been baited to kill him. Snow was surprised at just how mnay humans there were. For they came in all shapes and sizes bredding like ravvits. He feared for his people as well as all elves in general after seeing the horrors of human civilizations. *How will we ever compete with ones who breed that fast* wondered the albino elf. Sitting up on his haunches he grabbed his treewee fur makeshit pouch he had made. Opening it, he pulled some dried meat out of it and began to chew. As he did so his crimson eyes scannd the horizon once more. 

            Today as he sat chewing his food, he scented smoke. He figured it would be humans close by. But none the less wanted to investigate. Scanning the area, he noticed a copse of rock formations a creek runing into them as well. Swift puffs of smoke rose from the tops of the crags every now in then as the wind twirled the puffs into nothing. Snow threw the last piece of dried meat into his mouth and began to investigate. Grabbing his spear and makeing sure his dagger was at his side. 

            Slowing makeing his way to the rocky crags he chose his foot holds, quietly moveing in closer but still hiding among the crags. As he reached the top of the crag he made sure he was well hidden and then peered down at the sight before him. To his surprise it wasn't humans, but dark skinned elves. *Plainsrunners* he thought. Continuing to watch the scene below him the albino continued to stay well hidden in the rocks. Taking in the goings on and layout of the village.  

            It wasnt long before he spotted a white haired cub by a rack of dried meat. *Could it be him* Snow hoped. It wasn't long after that a male came over and slapped the cubs hand pushing him to a pile of wood. The cub looked up at the male and began gathering the wood into a pile near the lodge. As the male turned Snow recognized him, thoguh the dark skinned one didnt have his war paint on he had only one eye. *It is you evil eye, the one who stole my son* thought Snow. It took everything out of him to sit and watch, he wanted his son and wanted him now, but decided to wait until night fall. 

            Snow crept back down the rocky crag , staying hidden as much as he could. He found himself a secure shelter where he hoped prying eyes woudln't find him. He would wait until night to get his son back. For the first time for five full turns of the seasons, Snow smiled as he slept.