The Search part 4


By Nick, 2003

The Moons had rose and set four times since the plainsrunners had attacked the holt. Killing members of the tribe and stealing some in doing so. Among those stolen was one of Snow's sons and he was still hot on the trail of the cub thief.  The daystar had rose and was high overhead before Snow and Longhsanks picked up what they believed to be the trail once more. It had taken the combined efforts of the pair to even find a hint that a plainsrunner had run through these woods. Snow had just about given up hope of ever seeing his son again when they spotted a scrap of a leather rag that had his sons scent on it. 

         The pair came across a small stream where they stopped to drink and to thier surprise found a footprint in the mud. Though the print was almost full of water and had left abrely a trace. The evil one that had stolen his son had a head start on him. Snow grimaced, he wouldn't give up hope of retrieving his son. Satiating their  thirst, the pair headed off once more into the direction the cub thief had taken. 

         Snow and his she-wolf bond , Longshanks, seemed to run on forever, still to no avail of catching the cub thief. Snow wondered just how much of a head start the plainsrunner had gained riding his no hump. Now that the plainsrunner was on foot, Snow had hoped he would be easier to catch or atleast track. But to his surprise, the plainsrunner seemed just as elusive as he had before.  Once more the pair grew tired from their running, Longshanks tongue was hanging from her mouth as she panted hard while Snow clutched his side, once more he had a pain in his side and was breathing heavily. Making a makeshift camp the pair settled down to rest and recoop their strength. 

         Obviously worn out completely, Longshanks drifted off quickly into slumber but it took Snow a bit more time as the images of the attack sontinued to haunt his mind. Mental images continued to flash before him as he tried to rest and fall asleep. 

         The pair seemed to be lifeless to the naked eye as they had fallen asleep into a deep slumber. Oblivious to the fact that prying eyes were watching them. Neither had seemed to notice as the three figures crept closer, until it was to late. Longshanks let out a yelp as a spear periced her side. The yelp was enough to make Snow awaken, his crimson eyes flashing open as he spied three human warriors in their campsite. Jumping ot his feet he reached around on the ground for his spear as another spear came zipping past his head. 

         Snow noticed a flash of white as Longshanks made a charge for the human hunter nearest her, but she was caught in mid air by the spear of the last hunter. Snow wanted to cry out but knew if he stayed behind all would be lost. Spitting on the ground he glared at the hunters as the two moved towards the lifeless form of his wolf bond. Turning to flee, he felt the hand of the last human on the back of his neck. Dropping ot his knees he swung his spear around knocking the human from his feet. Without a look back, Snow bolted. 

         Running as fast as he could he made his way to a thicker part of the forest before stopping to catch his breath and look back. He could't see any signs of the humans following him. As he squatted close to the ground,he continued to watch in the direction from which he had came. Recalling a time when his uncle told him that humans prize rare trophies. "Longshanks coat" muttered Snow in a whisper. Once more he had lost someone close to him. He didn't think he could take much more of this, he could feel tears welling up in his eyes once more. Sitting back on his heels, the chief couldn't hold it in anymore, the tears began to fall like rain as SNow rocked back and forth on his heels.