The Search part 1


By Nick, 2003



Snow had urged Longshanks into a swift run once he had decided to leave the tribe and search for his stolen cub. As he rode atop his faithful wolf bond he could feel her heart pumping fast, she would need to rest soon. Finding a small brook he halted the she wolf from her run. Dismounting he rubbed her head and sent a feeling of thanks to the shewolf, who instintively nudged her elfin bond, before heading to the brook to lap at the cool waters. 

         As his bond drank from the cool waters, Snow sat at the base of a  weeping willow tree, pondering over his decision he had made. Earlier in the day the plainsrunners , lead by Nowater attacked. Snow's lifemate Softfeather was killed in the process as Nowater tried to steal her. It had been a heart wrenching decision for the chief. Though he probably could have called for a healer in that instant to save his lifemate, he had chosen to chase the mysterious painted face, one eyed elf that had stolen his cub. He had given the chase his all and had continued his pursuit until his chest heaved and his stomach cramped from running. 

         Reaching into his deerskin pouch tucked within his vest he pulled out a strip of dried branchorn and began to chew on it while he pondered some more about his dilema. His souls brother Spike as well as a handful of others had tried to stop him from going alone in his search. He had seen the shocked looks on his peoples faces when he voiced his decision as well as when he had had enough. Feeling much like a caged wolf he had to flee, flee before there was no time. Caught up in his rage he hadn't given any thoguht to his tribes wishes. Sighing he hoped that one day his souls brother might forgive him for placing the duties in his lap. 

         Looking up at the stars he wondered if his beloved Fael had sent a search party out to retrieve Foxtear yet. "Highones help you find her my brother", whispered the crimson eyed elf as he took another bite of the dried meat. Chewing on the tough meat he played the whole ordeal over in his head once more. He had lost precious time and wondered if he would ever see his son again. Eating the smked meat had left his throat dry and it was hard to swallow , rising to his feet he looked over at the brook to see his white shewolf already fast asleep.  

         Stepping closer to the brook he kneeled and cupped his hands, scopping up the cool water. Sipping from his hands he still continued to look around for any signs of danger. The water was cool & refreshing, kneeling once more he cupped his hands again and continued to drink until his thirst was satiated. Standing once more he wiped his chin, looking out to the horizon he wondered *Where has he taken you my cub*. Try as he might he couldn't contain it anymore, he could feel the first tear start to stream down his cheek.  

         Dropping once more to his knees, they made a sloshing noise as he kneeled in the mud. The flood gates had opened and his tears began to spill out. "Highones.. _WHY_", screamed out the white haired  elf as he looked up at the moons. Clutching his face he leaned forward as the tears had begun to sting his eyes. Letting a long sad howl escape his lips, until he had balled up on the muddy banks of the brook. 

         Mere moments passed as he cried out. Longshanks had heard his howl and instinctively jumped to her feet, rushing over to her elf bond she began to lick the salt tang tears from his cheeks, whining as she did so. Reaching up around her neck the defeated chief clung to the shewolf like a newborn babe as his tears began to cease.  

         Though the tears had stopped coming his face still glistened in the moons prisms of light, puffy reddened eyes looked up to meet those shining blue eyes of the shewolf. As they pair looked at one another Longshanks raised her paw up and pawwed at her elf bond. Snow gave a weak smile and began to rub the shewolfs ears. Leaning into her as he pet her and scratched the back of her neck until the two fell fast asleep under the moon light.