The Search part 3


By Nick, 2003


Snow rolled over as he awoke. The ground was firm and cold he hadn't slept long. Still distraught over the loss of his cub a few days prior. Rubbing his still full belly, he looked over to see a sleeping Longshanks, a bone still with meat clinging to it in her paws. As he sat up, he looked over at what was left of the nohump caracass. The pair had followed the trail of the one who had stolen his son. Only to find that somewhere along the path the plainsrunner male had left his pony though there were no signs of his dismount. Snow and Longshanks had found the pony and needing fresh meat , hunted the beast down. Eating until they had full bellies as they had not eaten in days, the pair had drifted off into a bloated slumber. But now Snow found himself once more wide awake. He had pushed himself so hard the last turn of days as the events seemed to keep flashing over and over in his mind. In mere moments, the chief had lost his mate and one of his sons.  The tears that seemed almost never to end began to fall once more. Snow didn't even bother to wipe his face this time, he just let the tears fall where they would. Sitting with his knees pulled up to his chest he wrapped his arms around his legs and began to rock as he contemplated what he must do next.

Snow sat there so long rocking he hadn't noticed the daystar was beginning to rise. As it did so, he looked around with swollen eyes. He ways days from the holt and this area was unknown to him. Even the trees were different all conifer trees and bushes. As the daystar rose more, a fine mist seemed to cloak the land. The mist eventually turning into to thick fog.  

         Hours passed as the elf continued to rock. Longshanks woke up finally and peered around her  lupine eyes seemingly full of life. Seeing her elf bond rocking and the tears on his face, she knew he must be injured. Rising to her feet, the white she-wolf began to sniff him over. Not finding any wounds, she began to lick the salt sweet tears from his cheeks. Snow instinctively quit rocking and began to pet Longshanks, still not uttering a word. 

         More time seemed to pass as the she-wolf cleaned her bonds face, with nothing more for her to do, she went back over and began to chew on the bone she had not finished the night before. Lying on the ground, she began to tear the meat form it. Snow however appeared to be lost in his own thoughts. Hours passed once more before Snow rose to his feet. Looking around the area once more, he drew his dagger. Cutting enough meat to last them atleast a day of travel from the nohump carcass.  

         After finishing his task, he readied his things to leave. Giving a call to Longshanks, the she-wolf loped over to her bond. The pair heading off into their new found land , continuing the search.