Player name : NPC, on hold for Jeff

Character name: Nowater

Previous name :  Nowater

Cub name:  Firebolt

Soul name:  Peci


Age:  227

YellowElk, Otter, BearTooth, SpiritDancing, Flamingstar

Irontoe ( father -deceased) , Raintree (mother-deceased) , ClickingBird (sister -deceased), Whitelily ( cousin-alive), Moonshine ( aunt-alive )
Lovemate(s): wants Softfeather back, lovemate of Flamingstar and he plans to take Newgreen too when she'll be an adult.
Lifemate: was married to Softfeather.

Recognized mate: wants Softfeather 

Skills/Hobbies: Excellent hunter / bragging of his sportsmanship

Weapons/Tools: dagger, Tomahawk / none

Tribal Duty: hunter / war party

Hunting Party: yes

Magic:  sending 
Fierce warrior, hot headed at times. Bragger of his skill. Likes to intimidate others. Has a small band of followers. Hopes to one day be a great leader of a war party to kill all the humans. Wants everyone to breed to the best possible stock with outrecognition as he feels it is impure.

Likes/Dislikes: Softfeather with a passion, fighting, hunting, showing off ./  humans, elders rules except when it goes on his own thinking

Fears: never avenging his families death by the humans, that Softfeather could be given to another.

Strong Points:  Very determined youth, full of pride. Can be your best friend or your worst enemy.


Hair/color: Mid back length kept in a bun at back of head and braid on each side / deep dark chestnut brown

Eyes/color: slanted / deep near black brown.

Height/build: 4'5' / lean and honed from battles and hunting

Clothes/colr(s): one piece loose tunicc, with knee high moccasins / grey blue, drab green.

jewelrey/decorations: gold headband he found, beaded armband his sister made

Special Items: see above


Nowater is a hotheaded youth that became a even more hotheaded adult. Always striving to outdo the others. He continually quarrels with the tribe elders for permission to avenge the deaths of the humans against his family. Has wild ideas of bearing as many cubs with females he sees fit for his friends, the more the merrier. Recognition is for the weak minded in his eyes. Hopes one day to become a great leader. He wants to mate with Softfeather, the chief's daughter, because he thinks he loves her with a passion but some elves think that it is only because of her rank in the tribe...

Now that he is officialy lifemated to the daughter's chief, he is sure to have all of his dreams fulfilled...but for how long ?

When Softfeather recognized Snow, the unworthy chief of the wolfriders, Nowater became mad. He left the holt and the plainrunners with some follwoers and he swore to get his revenge. He became Flamingstar's lovemate and he is certainly planning to find a good way to come back...and take what he consider belonging to him : Softfeather and Newgreen.

Bond Beast 

Name: Smoke

Age: unknown

Gender: male

Appearance: blotched smokey grey no-hump

Personality:  high-spirtied animal, much like his master