Nowater and Newgreen's last chatting

                                  By Eva and Natacha


Nowater finally felt awaken enough to go out of his den. He had one of his special smiles, one of those he arbored when he was victorious, something that happened often. But this one was even greater than the others, something that wasn't easy, even for him. He took some cold water in a recipient and splashed his face with it. * Something good to reunite his mind after such a night. * He thought* and a morning.* He grinned at the idea of his joinings with Softfeather, the best he ever knew, part because with that most of his dreams
were fulfilled in once. Lost in his thoughts, he didn't even hear the soft steps that were approaching him...

NewGreen smiled nervously as she saw Nowater and her bright coloured eyes fell as she thought back of the meeting with Softfeather. The cub had met the maiden near the brook, and Softfeather seemed all fine...Despite of what NewGreen had thought.
~But on the other side...~ NewGreen tried to smile. ~What female wouldn't be happy when she'd be married with Nowater...? Well... Maybe, she'd be...~
When the cub stood just behind Nowater, she looked up again. "Hello Nowater," she greeted him, while she started to feel her usual nerves when meeting him.
" Oh, hello Newgreen. I didn't hear you coming. Something unusual to me, don't you think? But things can be considered a bit different today, " he told her with a sly smile.
NewGreen smiled and nodded. That was certainly something unusual for the male... As he was one of the best hunters of the tribe and always aware of anything!

She smiled warmly at the male, impressed by his pretty appearance. "I came to congratulate you with your wedding... Yesterday you were gone so fast, so I thought it be better to..."
 NewGreen's eyes sparkled excited as she talked to the male and her smile was as bright as it always had been...
Nowater smiled brightly, Newgreen was definitely one of the cutest children he ever saw and she was promising to become one of the most beautiful females of all of the tribes together. He couldn't wait to see that.
" Thanks little one, for your congratulations. " He simply replied to her as he stared at her a bit more than he should have done. NewGreen smiled by hearing of the words, but her eyes didn't laugh. He'd called her 'little one'... Would he ever see her as a female... As a grown up one, a possible lifemate...?

She shook her head slightly. No, that was foolish to think. She was too youngto get any of Nowaters' attention...  At least, the kind a attention she wanted...But why was he staring at her like this then? She looked up at Nowater, unsure, but her eyes laughing again, as she got at least some kind of attention of the male she adored so much.
Nowater smiled at her, his eyes still focused on Newgreen. " Can I help you? Is there something else you want from me? " he asked her gently, wondering why she stayed there without moving or talking.

"Well..."  NewGreen's eyes flakkered nervously for a moment as she thought of the question that had kept playing in her mind for quite a while since now. She stared at the ground, wondering if she'd dare to ask Nowater that question. Maybe it was rude to ask... And probably not even her business, but though...She did it for Softfeather, didn't she?
NewGreen wanted to smile and say she did, but she knew that thought was a lie. The cub only wanted to know it, because of herself. Because she was jealous at Flamingstar. And at Softfeather. Nowater kept staring at her, as she seemed to search for her words. Curious, he waited patiently. NewGreen sighed disappointed and sad, because she didn't want to be jealous at all! She liked the maidens... And now...

*I really wonder what she wants to tell me...* wondered Nowater as Newgreen seemed so concentrated. Finally, the little cub refound her confidence and looked up, straight in the eyes of Nowater.
"Nowater..." She started hesingtately, while her cheeks started to flush more and more red.
"Yes?" added the hunter.
"Did... D-did you ever joined with other womans then Softleather...? S-someone like... Flamingstar perhaps?"

Her voice broke when she asked the last, her body started to tremble softly and NewGreen's eyes looked begging at Nowater, hoping for a 'no'. Hoping for an answer that told her that all was fine, that she still had a change to become his lifemate as well. But somewhere, deep inside in the young elfess, she knew that if he told her that, it would be a lie...
Nowater stared at her, amazed. He waited anything but that! Finally, he grinned and answered: " Of course I already did. I'm a male and not that young. But do you think it is really something to ask me? Why are you so curious?"

NewGreen's cheeks flushed fire-red as she heard Nowater's last question. "B-because...Because I..." NewGreen stared at the ground, ashamed for what she'd asked. ~So he did join with others... And he did kissed Flamingstar...Then what were HER chances..?~ When she looked up, she looked at him with widened eyes, who looked both disappointed and guilty. "I-I'm sorry Nowater...I shouldn't have asked, you're right," she said softly, almost unable to hide the disappointment and sadness that was coming up.

" No..." he added, putting a hand on her shoulder as he kneeled in front of her, to be face to face with her " That's allright. I'm just curious to know why you ask me "
He grinned and stared at her, looking at her in the eyes. She was hiding something to him, but what? She seemed so perturbed, what happened?
NewGreen's eyes fell as she met Nowaters', as she felt too... Stupid to look him ever again in the eyes... But after nothing more a second she looked up again, but unsure though; for her the male was too pretty not to look at. ~But then again... Would he ever want to lifemate with her...?~

" So NewGreen, are you...curious about things that happen between males and females or are you just curious about me? " he added mischievously as he kept his eyes focused on hers. NewGreen smiled warmly at the male, while her eyes glode over his pretty face.
"Oh... That's just nothing..." She said, almost breathless as eyes, whose sparkled again from the excitement she felt, were caught by his. His eyes made her feel so warm from inside! If she'd only been older! If she'd only be...

NewGreen's heart missed a beat as Nowater asked this and with a shy smile, she pressed her lips at each other. "B-both..." she said softly, trying really hard not to stare at the ground. Nowater smiled. She was delicious and he regretted that she wasn't an adult yet.

" I'd be happy to show you all that I know about joinings, Newgreen..." he whispered to her ear, before adding: " In a few years. I am impatient to show you all of this if you would let me. "
He kissed her on the cheek, just a bit longer that he should have done. "Oh" NewGreen simply said as Nowater kissed her on her cheeks, whose were fire-red now. Then, she smiled even broader and suddenly, in an impulse, she hugged Nowater tight. She didn't cared anymore whether he had kissed Flamingstar, he had promised her what she was waiting for and she couldn't wait to grow older anymore!
" But for now, if you want to know anything about me, just ask. " he added with bright eyes. He thought more and more of asking her in marriage as well as Flamingstar.

NewGreen's eyes widened surprised as Nowater whispered his promise to her ear. When she realized what he had said, a bright smile appeared at her face and her eyes sparkled excited, as they never did before. Nowater grinned at she held him. He thought that she would certainly be more than happy to become his lifemate too one day. And he would take care to be the first one for her.

So he couldn't avoid adding to her in a locksending: ** And maybe that, when you'll be old enough, so in not that long, I'll ask Willowdream to give you to me as my lifemate. What do you think of that? **
He considered that things definitely never were as perfect as they were since a few days. He hoped that Buffalohorn and Blackbird would allow him to take Flamingstar as his promise soon too. With Softfeather, Flamingstar and Newgreen belonging to him, most of his dreams would be fulfilled and his rank in the tribe could never be higher and contested. NewGreen held back and looked questioning at Nowater, though her bright eyes sparkled as excited as they did before.

"Me...? Y-your lifemate?" she asked hesingtately, totally overcome by the question.

Nowater smiled at the excited child, he knew he had won her heart...already. The little cub almost wanted to shout out loud that she'd loved to be, but something in her, held her back and stopped her from nodding an excited 'yes'. She did not know what it was, or where it came from. Was it the thought that she'd be his second, maybe even his third lifemate..?
Her eldest sister WillowDream, the one who cared for her like a mother, who had said her not to overrun everything? Or something else..? The still so young female looked up at Nowater, waiting for him to say something that would help her with her sudden doubts.

" So NewGreen? What do you think of that? " Asked again Nowater. But before Newgreen could answer, Owl arrived and exclaimed: " You're here Nowater, comeon, you promised we would both go to hunt together! "
" Oh, that's true! " said Nowater " I'm coming, Owl. " Then, he turned again to Newgreen and whispered to her ear: " You'll give me your answer later...."

He kissed her on the cheeks and left with Owl.


The End ?