Player name : Will

Character name: Owl

Previous name :  Owl

Cub name:  Owl

Soul name:  Zen


Age:  1

Flamingstar, wish he could have more friends.

FlamingStar (sister-alive) , Blakkettle (mother-deceased) , RunnngBear (father -deaceased) , Buffalohorn (uncle-alive) , Blackbird (aunt-alive) , Softfeater (cousin -alive), Flameshy and Stronsprout ( grand-cousins)
Lovemate(s): n/a
Lifemate: n/a

Recognized mate: n/a 

Skills/Hobbies: does his ebst to be a worthy one

Weapons/Tools: arrow whip

Tribal Duty: young warrior/hunter

Hunting Party: yes

Magic:  sending and hypnotism (recently found but kept it a secret)

Owl is still suffering from his parents death. He is quiet and rarely speaks except to his sister. Though she acts more a mother to him now. He secretly watches her use her bolas and hopes she becomes a skilled hunter. Never wanting her to leave him he wished it was just the two of them or a family group with someone for him to play with. He is alone at this young age and feels it.

Likes/Dislikes: collecting little trinkets (rocks, twigs, bone chips / being the only child)

Fears: His sister will be banished when her secret is found out

Strong Points:  Very good at hiding emotions, has yet to tell anyone of his new found power as the unit would expect more of him. He is lonely due to the fact that his sister is the only one who plays with him at times and he just wants to have fun.


Hair/color: mid back, loose behind him with headband / blue black

average level / golden brown

Height/build: average as he is still growing

Clothes/colr(s): loin cloth, knee high boots / dark brown

turquoise bracelet, turquoise & bead forearm guard he made, small bone pendant necklace he made.

Special Items:


Owl was the second born to his family, spoiled from the start as male children are. His parents believed he would be a great warrior eventually, they said they could feel a gift in him. He recently discovered he could hypnotise when he was chasing field mice on a mock hunt. He loves his sister with all of his heart and hopes she can one day prove herself as he wants to live with only her or a place that has youths his age.

When his sister Flamingstar decided to follow Nowater and his band, he came too because he didn't want to let his sister. But he has to admit that he is now afraid of Nowater more and more often....When he had the opportunity to trade Foxtear from Wildhead, he quickly discovered that he had a crush on the maiden. High Ones know where it will lead him. He decided to follow her when her tribemates went to rescue her. But will he find his place among the wolfriders ?

Bond Beast