Past chiefs



This band of wolfriders is an off shoot from Two-Spears time ( copyrighted Warp Graphics ) when the tribe split.

The list of chiefs is as follow :


TwoSpears ( male-deceased ) and Moonsilver ( female-deceased ) = Sharptongue ( male) )

Sharptongue ( male-deceased ) and LeafWhisper ( female-deceased ) = Farstalker ( male )

Farstalker (male-deceased ) and Rainshadow ( female-deceased ) = Wolfheart ( male )

Wolfheart ( male-deceased ) and Willowbranch ( female-deceased ) = Talltracker ( male) and Quickthrust ( male )

Talltracker ( male-deceased ) and Eyesbright (female-deceased) =  Songstar (female-deceased ) and Snow ( male-alive )



The chiefs



Moonsilver and Two-Spears had a cub outside of recognition, and soon after that, Moonsilver
 left with a band of elves who wanted to leave Two-Spears. Moonsilver became the chief of this group of elves and when she deceased , killed during a hunt, her son Sharptongue became chief.



Sharptongue never knew his father and he was happy with that. He became chief after his mother's death and he led his tribe to a new land where they flourish for centuries. He recognized his lovemate Leafwhisper and she gave birth to a son, named Farstalker.



Farstalker was an enjoyable elf who was certainly a better dreamberry eater and a flirt than a chief. Anyway, when his father passed away, bitten by a snake, he had to take his place and the tribe kept on flourishing as hopefully, no danger was around while Farstalker was the leader. He recognized one of his lovemates, named Rainshadow and they had a son : Wolfheart. The rumors says that Farstalker had a lot of other childs out of recognition after that...


When Wolfheart became chief, after Farstalker died of old age, some new dangers appeared. A group of humans had decided to settle not far from the holt and soon, elves were killed. Wolfheart recognized the treeshaper of the holt, named Willowbranch, but they weren't in love and were a lot to much different to becoming lifemates. So, they stayed in good terms but nothing more after the birth of their twins : Talltracker and Quickthrust. A sort of war came after that and Wolfheart was killed. Talltracker, the elder of the twins became chief, even if some elves whispered that Quickthrust would have been a better chief...


Talltracker was a fierce elfe but too much of blood. He recognized Eyesbright, the most beautiful elfess of the holt and they had a daughter : Songstar. Talltracker was really proud of her and he taught her all he was able to, about hunting and fighting. Later, he recognized Eyesbright for the second time and they had Pinkeyes, who would be later called Snow. But the cub was different from others and Talltracker instentanely hated him.

When the humans attacked the holt, killing most of the elves, Talltracker wanted to follow the humans and kill them all, but Quickthrust didn't agree and he challenged his brother. But the humans attacked again and each of teh brothers left with his survivors followers...


Quickthrust was a wise and gentle elf. He took Pinkeyes under his wing when he understand that his parents would never love him. So he was the one who raised him, with the help of some others, protecting him againt Talltracker's rages.

He became the cheif of his own band of wolfriders after his challenge against his own brother and the attack of the humans. Alas, he died short afterwards and he gave the chieflock to Snow after leading his people to a new place to live : the Shadow Wolf Holt.



Songstar is the first child of EyesBright and Talltracker, and she's even the only one in their eyes. She loved her father and spent a lot of time with him, she never was close to her mother who was only preocupied by herself and as her parents, she hated her brother Pinkeyes at first sight, he was definitely too much strange for her.


Pinkeyes was born of Talltracker and Eyesbright's recognition but his differences made him hated by his own parents and sister, as well as a lot of elves of the tribe. His uncle Quickthrust "adopted" him and raised him, to make him the chief Snow we now know.


Their mates



Leafwhisper was a gentle elfess who was the best ears of the tribe. She recognized her lovemate Sharptongue after he became chief, and she was fond of their son Farstalker. Leafwhisper died of a bad fever as they had no healer in the tribe at this moment.


Rainshadow was one of the numberous lovemates of Farstalker. They recognized and had a son, called Wolfheart, but they didn't lifemated. She died killed by a wild boar.



WillowBranch was the treeshaper of the tribe, the one who shaped the father tree. She was old when she recognized Wolfheart and they weren't in love. So, they didn't lovemated and even less lifemated, even if they had twins together : Talltracker and Quickthrust. She died of old age when the cubs were young adults.



Eyesbright was the most beautiful elfess of the tribe and she knew it. She had a lot of lovemates before recognizing Talltracker and she had a lot after that, even if they lifemated. She liked to flirt and to join a lot more than any responsabilities and she never really cared about her children, especially not about Pinkeyes, who was not worth to be his son in her opinion . She was killed by the humans.



When Wolfheart , chief of the wolfriders, died, his elder son Talltracker took his place. But many thought that Quickthrust would make a better chief. When  a band of humans entered their range, a great war ensued and many lost their lives . As Talltracker wanted to follow the humans and kill them all, Quickthrust disagreed and challenged his twin brother for chieftainship. They were both battered and bloody when a scout approached and said that two more tribes of humans were coming with the reminder of the ones they had been warring .So the tribe split again, Talltracker and Quickthrust each leading their people in diferent directions hoping to preserve the tribe.

This group of wolfriders is the one who followed Quickthrust. Who died as soon as they reached the new holt from his battle wounds with his brother.Though he had no cubs to pass the chief's lock to,his nephew Snow an albino elfin lad has chosen to lead the people in this new holt.

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