Rules and Guidelines




1.   This site is meant to be fun for all, so never play another character without its owner express permission, same if you intend to write a story about them. Don't kill others's characters and please, don't ruin the game either for others.

   2.  Recognitions are up to the council. The hazard will decide but you still can ask the council  if you want your elf to recognize someone specific who agrees to recognize your elf. The final choice will be the council and no one else. Any "asked" recognition that wouldn't bring anything interesting enough for the rp should be refused.

  3.   No profanity, no sexual harrassing talk to one another, no complaining on anything on the list. If you have any problem, with a member or about anything, mail the gamemaster or any member of the council but don't make the list a ring. We'll try to deal about this as adults and to help you to solve these problems.

4. If you're unsure about anything, please ask,  the members of the council will be glad to help and to answer to any question.

5. Please be active and warn the members of the council if you're unable to play for a while, because that's not fun to stop a thread because everybody is waiting for someone who is away. Participate as much as you are able too and have fun doing it !

6. Pictures and fictions are more than welcomed and we'd like you to do some, the more often as possible. 

7. We have the right to delete anyone from the Holt if we consider that this person is here to make a mess, to complain instead of playing ( we hate when total unactive people are here just to complain or criticize how the other play their characters ) or if this person isn't active enough. The council can delete anyone whenever it wants to if it judges it is necessary.

8. Just join if you wish to stay with us, not if you are just bored and want to create an elf in a holt where you'll never play afterwards. The newbies have a probation period of one month. After that period, we'll tell you if you can stay or not, and if you stay, you'll be free to play more than one character if you wish and if it's possible. 

9. The final one have fun and make some enjoyable memories for everyone.