Player name : Eva

Character name: Runningwater

Previous name : Runningwater

Cub name: Runningwater

Soul name:  Than ( found)


Age:  12

  she considers every other cub and youth in the tribe as her friend, because she plays with almost everyone. The adults are still lease favorite, since most of them think she's way to noisy and reckless. From the Wolfrider's especially BrightMoon is a good friend a her's and she has even taken the little BrightEyes as her aprentice... (Please, don't ask what Running Water teaches the poor cub! ;) )

NewGreen (twin-sister, alive), WillowDream (sister, alive) and her parents (both deceased).

Lovemate(s): too young

Lifemate: too young

Recognized mate: too young 

she's an excellent and fast fisher. Her reflexes have proven earlier to be most remarkable and now her skills have only improved, along with the noise she produces.../ RunningWater is found of the water and all around it, so fishing and swimming are two of her most favorite things to do, though she also loves playing tricks.

Weapons/Tools: a small knife, a fishing spear, and some small, self-made nets.

Tribal Duty: cub and huntress in-training.

Hunting Party: youth, fisher-in-training.

: sending and jackal bonding


RunningWater's wild and somehow reckless character still hasn't changed, neither her confidence. She has grown up (a bit) though, as she's behaving more adult towards the others, but she'll present this new side of her character along with her untamed energy...
Her character changes however when this youth is on a (secret) hunt- or when she's fishing- then Running Water changes from the impetuous and wild maiden into a serious and silent fisher (or huntress).

Likes/Dislikes: Fishing and swimming in  one the many small woodbrooks are her favorite activities, as well as she simply loves to explore the forest alone or with one of the other elves. When she's not busy with her 'water-obsession', she's probably playing tricks (and getting punished) or just playing with the other cubs.

Fears: she's to reckless and fearless to have one.

Strong Points:  
she's an excellent huntress and fisher, but still she's often too rash and reckless.


Hair/color: thick and straight balck hair till the middle of her back.

Eyes/color:  big, warm brown/ green eyes with long lashes and a naughty spark.


Clothes/colr(s):- Summer: she wears a slovenly, long sleeved shirt, warm brown of color and decorated with small strips of leather. She wears warm brown pants- they reach till just a little above her knees-and boots, in the same color as her shirt and her pants, whose are connected with her pants at the left- and right side with small stripes, whose are decorated with feathers. Her knife is placed in a holder on the right.
- Winter: she wears exactly the same suit, though her clothes are now snow-white of color and her boots are made of thicker leather.

jewelrey/decorations:  a thick bracelet around her neck, made of small cords. She wears also lower necklaces: about fifteen small cords of leather with some feathers on it.

Special Items:
the weapons she need when she fishes, herself decorated them.


Apart from a lot of tricks (and punishment) there hasn't been any special happenings in her youth she shared with the Plainsrunners. Since she's with the Wolfrider's, whom are a lot less severe then the proud Plainsrunners; her character is said to be even more wild and rash, despite of the fact that this cubs always respected and understood the rules of her tribemates very well (which she'll never admit though!). Just as when she was with the Plainsrunners, Running Water just lives her
wild live, (almost) never thinking of tomorrow.

Bond Beast 

Now RunningWater finally has reached the right age, most of the jackals are away, a thing that Running Water really regretts, though. Still, she wouldn't let that spoil the fun, as she can be found often with the wolves.