Player name : Cristina

Character name: Searock

Previous name :  Searock

Cub name:  Searock

Soul name:  Zreeewr


Age:  75

 Wolves: Bluefish (his first wolf-friend), Brook (his second wolf-friend), Whiteface, Darkmask, Highfang (Stonecrystal's last cubs). 
Elves: The Survived (missed, presumed alive). At the Shadow Wolf Holt: Leaf (his beloved lovemate), Fernglade,  Fleetfoot,  Sunrise, Spike, Hawk, Madhowl, Kreylar,  Ashlore.

Family: Pintail (mother, alive at the Seawolves), Seafoam (father, alive at the Seawolves), Goldhaze (sister, wandering), Bluebottom (brother, alive at the Seawolves), Skywave (sister, deceased), Bluedeep (uncle, brother of Pintail, alive at the Seawolves), Proudheart (aunt, sister of Seafoam, presumed dead), SilverArrow (cousin, daughter of Proudheart, wandering), Silverfang (daughter of Bluedeep, wandering), Longbrook (son of Bluedeep, wandering)

Lovemate(s): Fog (deceased), He's now Leaf's lovemate.
Lifemate: none

Recognized mate: none

Skills/Hobbies: Fishing/cooking

Weapons/Tools:  his fishing net and his knife.

Tribal Duty: fisher and cook.

Hunting Party: sometimes

Magic: sending and wolfbonding

Searock is a very friendly elf, patient and calm. He does not get angry often, but when he does, it's because someone caused him to. A diplomatic person, he's also a skilled warrior and hunter. After many years spent near the sea, he knows both lands and water very well, and this can confuse his enemies, because Searock acts on the ground as he'd act on the sea.

Likes/Dislikes: fishing, hunting/humans

Fears: humans may kill his beloved Leaf

Strong Points: he has a great sense of humor, but can also be very sensitive. If someone needs help or comfort, Searock understands it, and he even understands if he or she needs to be alone, or the support of a friend.


Hair/color: long to his shoulders, reddish-brown and light curly

Eyes/color: slanted and dark green, handsome

Height/build: tall, slim but muscular and strong

Clothes/colr(s): especially green and grey - a green suit with a grey belt and a green bandage on the head.

jewelrey/decorations: none

Special Items: none

Searock is born at the Seawolves, a tribe of half-wolfriders and half-WaveDancers. His mother was more Wolfrider-like, his father was a pureblood WaveDancer. They were lifebearers in the tribe: they Recognized twice, and every time they had twins. The first time they Recognized, one of the two daughters, Skywave, died at birth: she was weak and ill. Eventually, Pintail and Seafoam Recognized again and they had Searock and Bluebottom. When Searock was around 40 years old, he left the tribe for wandering. During his trip, he met aloner Wolfrider, an healer female named Fog. The two of them became friends, even lovemates, and kept on their travel together. Eventually, oneday they bumped into an old elf captured by humans: they rescued him, but Fog saw one of the humans was wounded and she remained back for healing him. Her thank was a spear in her chest: Searock saw her dying, but the Survived managed to bring him away before he could do anything to avenge her. H
e told his lifemate and his cubs had been slained too, and added he came from a group of elves who had been separed by humans: some of his packmate might still be alive... maybe in a new home. Because of his words, hope never really left Searock, and he kept on wandering alone until he met a group of elves who joined the holt. here he soon gathered many friends, and especially he found a new love - the beautiful plantshaper Leaf. She has lost her dear ones by humans hand, just like him, and they always understand each other even if they don't speak: Searock could believe everything but he'd have found something who was so... like him. They became lovemates short before the trolls war: Searock was upset because his wolf-friend, Stonecrystal, was missed, but Leaf's arrival changed everything in his life. Things went even better when the she-wolf returned briefly: she mated the chief of a band of wild wolves and she was with cubs. Eventually, she avoided Searock and the tribe firs
t when her cubs were very young and then when they get ill. But by now, Searock's family is back together...

 Bond Beast

Name: Stonecrystal 

Age: 14

Gender: Female 

Appearance: STONECRYSTAL is a very tall and beautiful she-wolf. She's slender, slim, and mysterious, the archetype of the dark lady. Her fur is silky and silver, and she has shining moon yellow eyes. When she walks, she's as a shadow in the shadows - you can see her only if she decides to be seen. Her ways are elegant, and she had the look and the behaviour of a true lady - without getting the alpha ones angered because of it however.


you can say STONECRYSTAL is elusive. She knows she's beautiful and as a loner she even had flirtatious behaviour with the wild wolves several times. Her last mate has been the chief of a pack of wild wolves near the holt: her pregnancy forced her to say farewell to Searock. She joined Bravechief's pack and gave birth to her cubs, then remained raising them. Eventually, they all died but Marlin, and after this, Stonecrystal decided to come back to her elf-friend. With the other wolves, she's reclusive without being bossy, and she has the personality of a diva. Despite it all, she's also respectufl toward the alpha one, and she'd never ever think about a challenge or getting the leaders mad at her. Instead, she's extremely sweet and protective toward Searock and Marlin. She and her elf-friend have a relationship almost big-sisterly: it's speculated she has been a sister for Searock more than Goldhaze herself. However, she likes solitude a lot, but she also does not
refuse a good hunt with the pack. Ever since, she had no more contact with Bravechief, but sometimes she still howls at the wild wolves, without approaching to her far mate, whom she appears to care a lot for.

Name : Marlin

Age : 4

Gender : Male

Appearance : MARLIN, as his mother, is very tall and slim (his weight might be a result of the illness that killed his brothers). Actually, he's taller than the holt cubs, despite he's a lot younger than them, and according to his slim face and paws, he might even seem older. However it's a temporary thing - getting four years old, he still has to reach the other holt cubs in size, and he now seems a one year old wolf. He has his father's black fur, and Stonecrystal's eyes.

Personality :  MARLIN shares his mother's attitudes toward Searock, but instead of Stonecrystal, he's very talkative, friendly and playful. He wish he might play with the holt cubs, but the holt cubs are actually a lot larger than him, and he still hides himself behind his mother if he can. However, he's not afraid - just prudent. When someone or something looks weird to his eyes, he faces it, and is fearless and brave, showing his father's bossy ways.