Seedlings planted


By Laura and Eva , 2002



Willowdream was on her way to finally get it over with and ask her chief, Buffolohorn, if she could stay with the wolfriders. All thoughts of what to say to him were twirling around in her mind and she didn't even notice where she was going. That's when she bumped into an elfess.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Willowdream exclaimed. "Are you hurt?"
"Whoa!" Leaf looked up surprised, then smiled warmly at the elfess.
"Never mind... Do you know the elfess that's named WillowDream, by the way? I see that you're a Plainsrunner and I heard she was one too..."
Leaf smiled gently at the maiden in front of her, awaiting her answer. The plainsrunner with the multi-colored eyes looked at the redhaed surprised.
"Well, yes. That's me, my pale cousin. Why are you looking for me?" she was very surprised that one of the wolfriders approached her.
"You're WillowDream? But that's just great!" Leaf declared with a broadening smile. "I'm Leaf, the treeshaper of the Wolfriders. I wanted you to ask about your intentions with the seeds you gave to the cubs, as they came to me for help..." Leaf smiled again at the darkskinned female in front of her, still surprised that it was really WillowDream she'd bumped into.

Willowdream shook her head. "Ah, those seeds..." she laughed. "I gave them to the cubs to give them a task and don't hang around so much."
she winked at Leaf.

"Well, I could come with you and tell them if you like. Or do you prefer if I explain it to you instead?... say, you're a treeshaper? I bet you know a
lot of the plants that grow in these woods, don't you?"
Leaf looked at the female Plainsrunner, her eyes widened a little of surprise. WillowDream seemed so nice..!
"Well, I just know all I need to know about the forest plants" Leaf then said, smiling slyly. "I think they're quite interesting as they are so many of them, and all so different! I'd love to show them to you some time!!"

Leaf smiled warmly at the female, and then continued again. "But I bet there are quite a lot of interesting plants at the plains as well, not?" The red-haired tree shaper glanced at WillowDream. Willowdream let out a small laughter. "Sure there are! Oh, this is so exciting!" she winked at Leaf. "If I'll be allowed to stay here for some time... will you, I mean, could you perhaps teach me all about the plants that grow around here? I
want to learn all about it!!"   
"Well... I'm sure I could find some time to do so..." Leaf said, abit overwhelmed by the enthousiastic words of the female Plainsrunner inthe first
place."And maybe we could try to combine our powers and see where it ends..?" Leaf then said with sparkling eyes, starting to become more
enthousiastic already.

Willowdream looked at her for a moment. "YES!" she burst out suddenly. Taking Leaf's hands in hers she laughed at the wolfrider. "I never thought about something like that! What a great idea - I bet we could do _SO MANY_ things with our combined powers!!" She winked at Leaf "And we'll surely have a lot fun finding out, eh?"
Leaf laughed joyously along with the female Plainsrunner, sharing her enthousiasm.The redhaired treeshaper smiled shyly at the darkskinned elfess in front of her. "And I'm sure I'll be the one to find most fun..."Leaf's cheeks flushed pink. "I'm not that experienced yet."

Willowdream stopped laughing and looked at her. "Don't worry, dear cousin! If there's anything you don't know and I could help you with - you just have to ask me!!"

She embraced the wolfrider in a soft hug and then send **I'll have to ask my chief now if I could stay here...** From her portures it became claer that she was a little afraid of her next steps.

But she would have to do them anyway - if she really wanted to stay...