Player name : Natacha

Character name: Shareheart

Previous name : Shareheart

Cub name: Shareheart

Soul name: Tyleen


Age: 145


Family:   Rainbow ( mother-deceased), Brownbear ( father-deceased), Leaf ( half sister-alive ), Hawk ( cousin-alive )

Soulsister : Willowdream

Lovemate(s): everyone is a potential furmate, no official lovemate
Lifemate: none 

Recognized mate: none 

Skills/Hobbies: Carving the clay, singing, dancing, making other smile , flirting, helping others....

Weapons/Tools:  Dagger

Tribal Duty: joining initiator, carver and cub sitter.

Hunting Party: no

Magic: sending and  wolf bonding.


Likes/Dislikes: Flirting, helping others, seeing everyone happy, joinings/ being unable to help, losing her patience, too pigheaded and stupid people.

Fears: Falling in love and worse, recognize, being close to only one person.

Strong Points: The sweetest and more patient elfess you could ever meet.


Hair/color: kind of dark blonde/light brown

Eyes/color: Blue 


usualy blue clothes with brown boots. Depends on her mood.                                                      

jewelrey/decorations: She has often a headband or wears a ponytail, especially when she works with the clay. 

Special Items: Sewing kit


Shareheart always was a sweety, trying to help and please others. She was happy to have a half sister and sharing her parents never was a problem for her as she loved to share. She is indeed afraid of being too close to only one people and she is scared to recognize or falling in love.

As a joining initaior, she is always ready to help the youths to make their first steps in that way if needed and she is the first that people usualy come to talk to if they need confort.

She was devastated after the war with the humans and when Talltracker decided to lead his survivors to a suicide attack, she fled with some others, unable to stand that situation anymore. She discovered with joy that her half sister Leaf and her cousin Hawk had survived. Some new elves were at the Holt too, bringing him a new perspective for the futur.

She recently recognized the plainrunner Willowdream who became her soulsister. This event full of joy lightened even more Shareheart's life.


Bond Beast

Name: Softpaws

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Appearance: Light grey wolf with white paws.

Personality:  One of the more friendly and patient she-wolf, of the lowest rank of the pack as she had no wish to try to become the alpha one.