By Sharon  (c) 2002


As they wandered following Hidden-Eye and Sweetflute’s search, Flamedancer had a lot of time to think.  Her healing powers had come upon her fairly late, she was in her 90s as compared to the cub Sunrise.  She wasn’t sure the magic was a good thing or a curse.  Their first healer, Nightheat had gotten overtired and eventually lost herself completely. 

            It was one thing to be used to the demands of the pack for non-magical healing using herbal remedies.  That was less personal, magical healing was very personal.  You used your own personal magical energies to encourage the sick or wounded.    Another thing was the herbal treatments she used could not cause serious harm.  Flamedancer was afraid that her ignorance of healing would result in someone being permanently injured.  Even worse she could miss something and someone would die.

            She cared for her packmates and couldn’t bear to see anyone suffering if she could help.  But she could wear herself almost to death if she didn’t save some of her energy.  She didn’t want to lose her identity either.  She was Flamedancer, not just a tribal healer.  She was more than any duties she accepted be it; tanning hides, herbal remedies, or magical healing.

            Flamedancer concluded that she would have to be selfish in her use of magic healing.  She would use herbal methods before using magic.  She and a cub were the only healers for the tribe, and she hated to think that using her magic for simple injury or illness would leave her too drained to heal someone in serious condition. 

            Flame also decided that she would have to overcome her shyness, and get to know her packmates.  To remind herself, and the tribemates that Flame was a packsister as well as a healer.  That would be hard, she was so used to burying herself in her work to the exclusion of much else.

            Flamedancer hoped that being faced with several sick, or injured elves that she could hold to her decision without the pack suffering.