Den Fires

                                        By Sharon  (c) 2002



Flame-dancer and her bond, Silverstreak slipped silently out of the Holt to gather healing plants.  The white cold would soon be upon them and she wanted to have enough medicines to treat colds and other illnesses. 

            The pair moved, all senses alert for any warning of the Humans just moving into the area.  They moved through the woods looking for the all season greens and treetoes (wintergreen and mistletoe).  Flame spotted some tree toes and decided to climb up to harvest some.  :Streak, I climb.  You guard,: she sent to her bond.  The wolf moved into the shadows of the tree, and sat down.

            Flame-dancer had been leaning out along the branch to cut some of the berries and leaves off when her bonds soft growl alerted her of another presence.  She looked down into the midnight blue eyes of a tall dark haired male elf.  The elfs  bondmate was sitting next to him, pointedly ignoring Silverstreaks threatening posture. 

            Then he smiled at her, his eyes twinkling mischievously, **Hello lovely elfess, I am Lovetalker.  I am delighted to greet you..**

            Flame blushed and smiled shyly, **Hello, Im Flame-dancer.**  She looked at Silverstreak, :Hes no threat.:  Streak gave her one of her wise looks, and quit growling.  Flame started to work her way down the trunk of the tree and lost her footing near the bottom and started sliding.

            Lovetalker stepped forward to help just as she fell from the tree to land in his arms.  He turned her around and sent, **Are you hurt, fair one?**  He brushed her down, smoothing the bark from her clothing.

            Flame-dancer looked back at the tall stranger and smiled, **Im fine.  Thank you for your help.  I dont think  weve met before, are you from the Holt?**

            **Yes, I live with my Aunt Morningshowers and Uncle Ravingmad.  They are carvers and jewelry makers.  But I know weve not met, Id have remembered you.**

            Streak nuzzled her arm, :dark soon, go back now?:

            **Shall we walk back together?  It will be dark soon.  Do you know Daggersharp?  He is my brother and a carver also.  Please come back to meet my family.**

            **I dont know your brother, but I might have heard his name before.  ** Lovetalker answered.

            As they rode back to the Holt, they talked about their families.  Lovetalker didnt remember his parents, only his Aunt and Uncle.  She told him all about Littlefeet, Shadowstalker, her brother and his mate, and her younger sister, Sweetflute. 

            When she got home, she introduced him to her parents, and Snowbear.  Later he met the rest of the family, and seemed to like all of them.  Flame and Lovetalker grew to be best friends and later love mates.  She remembered that white cold as being one of laughter and loving.   The lovemates would spend a lot of time in Littlefeet and Shadowstalkers den drinking tea and listening to Lovetalker tell stories. 

            They grew closer together as the season changed and were planning on getting their own den when the Humans started closing in on the territory.  Flame-dancer and Lovetalker fought about a den he felt would be perfect for them, she was reluctant to move so far from her family.   With a sad sigh, he just said hed not argue any longer and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek.  Hed then stalked out.  In frustration, she grabbed her gathering baskets and slipped out of the Holt.

            Her eyes teared, she never saw Lovetalker again.  She had no idea if hed escaped with the others.