Dream Music


By Sharon, 2002


Flamedancer backed away from LoneWolf, shocked by his crude words. She knew he was a friend of Daggersharp's but never had he treated her in such a way.  She was tired.  She carried her flute with her as she went back to the den.  She undressed and crawled into her furs.

  Soon she was dreaming.  She was out gathering herbs for some special teas, and Daggersharp was out of sight.  She hummed to herself as she plucked some leaves. A breeze picked up.  On the breeze she could hear the strains of harp music.  The tune was lilting and a little haunting.  She got up and looked around. 
Suddenly she was no longer in familiar territory. She'd been to this place once before, in another dream.  Her clothing simmered away leaving her skin bare to the caress of the breeze, and bathed in the starlight. 

Ankle deep grasses brushed against her legs.  All around her she could hear the harp music, it was so beautiful.  She longed to join in with her flute, but when she reached out for it, it wasn't there. She frantically searched around for her flute. The music got softer as though moving away.  Suddenly she couldn't bear the thought of that.  She started running in the direction she thought the music had come from.

 In the distance she could see movement.  She couldn't see clearly, it was too dark.  The music stopped, and the form in the distance seemed to be moving away from her.  The form was too small to be Human or Troll, but was humanoid.  She just knew she had to catch up with the form.  Or if she could just find her flute and play the form would stop. She started running toward the form.  The form seemed to take two steps away from her for every one of her own steps toward it.  She strained to run faster, her breath catching in her throat.  But the figure only got farther and farther away.  Tears filled her eyes as she stopped running and fell to her face and wept.

     Flamedancer woke, tears running down her cheeks,breathing hard. She remembered parts of the dream and reached out for her flute.  It was there beside her furs, just where she'd left it the night before.