Oral History

                                        By Sharon Go (c) 2001

Flamedancer stood pensively near the fire. Silverstreak nuzzled her hand, and she 
patted her bond's head. She looked at the new comers, and the members of her Holt. 
She straightened and looked briefly toward the heavens. It was hard knowing where to 
start. Sweetflute knew part of the story for it was hers too. It was a day of hope for the 
Holt. There were several dangers they still faced; but with the poisoned elves on the 
mend, and the excitement of the new arrivals called for something special. High Ones! 
Where to begin.
**I have a story to tell you. It is one that has been passed down from mother to 
her firstborn daughter, or to the a firstborn male child who shows the magic of healing. It 
is an oral history going back far more turnings that even our eldest can count. It goes 
back to the time before wolves and elves bonded to each other for survival. It is the story 
of my first known ancestor, Speaks Softly, and her lovemate Arrow Quick.**


to be continued in : " Speaks Softly of Healer's Holt " part 1