Player name : Alicia

Character name: Silence

Previous name : Sweetflute

Cub name: Softsmile

Soul name: Leya


Age: 63

she doesn't let anyone approach her easely now.

Family: LittleFeet ( mother-dead ) , Shadowstalkers (father -dead ), Daggersharp

 (brother-alive), FlameDancer ( sister-alive ), Chip ( nephew-alive ), Arrowmoss ( daughter-alive )

Lovemate(s): Starwise ( deceased) , HiddenEye ( missing )
Lifemate: none

Recognized mate: none ( but she exchanged soulnames with Starwise )

Skills/Hobbies: playing the flute, taking care of the cubs, listening to her sister's tales .

Weapons/Tools:  dagger 

Tribal Duty: midwife and musician 

Hunting Party: no

Magic: sending , wolf bonding ( she lost her treeshaping powers )

Likes/Dislikes: being with her daughter/ people trying to know what happened between her and HiddenEye, talking.

Fears: losing her daughter, her dreams and hallucinations. 

Strong Points: Really sweet and patient, understanding, a really good musician and dancer. She's maybe not the best midwife, and she never really get the chance to pratice, but she's one of the most caring. Now, she is really silent and does her tasks without pleasure but ebcause she has to do them, except when it concerns her daughter.


Hair/color: Wavy till the middle back/soft light brown-auburn 

Eyes/color: Almost round/blue 

Height/build: average/slim, pretty 

Clothes/colr(s): Short dress/brown 

jewelrey/decorations: A gold bracelet on her left arm .

Special Items: none


Sweetflute always knew a happy life between her family. Her brother Daggersharp made her a flute and she shares her pation of music with her sister Flamedancer. When the humans came and killed her parents, Sweetflute was lost but she was saved by Spike. He helped her and brought her away from the holt, despite her sadness and whish to find her brother and sister. Finally, Spike and Sweetflute  joined Snow and his little tribe and Sweetflute was really happy when she found that her  sister was still alive. Now, they both hope that Daggersharp and his mate are still alive too. 

Recently, Sweetflute became Starwise's lovemate. But the arrival of the newcomer Hiddeneye complicated things for her. She feels attracted by him even if her heart is to Starwise, and Hiddeneye thinks he loves Sweetflute. They finaly became lovemates and made a three mating with Starwise. But this one was too soon after that killed by trolls and his death put Sweetflute in a deep coma. When she woke up, Sweetflute felt lost, she lost a part of her soul with Starwise's death and she discovered that she lost her treeshaping powers too. And more, she "quarreled " with HiddenEye , who seemed to have changed ,after that and they don't share anymore a den together. How will thing evolve for them ?

After leaving with HiddenEye and her family, Sweetflute decided to stay with her lovemate after her brother, lifemate and cub went back to the holt. She came back a few years later, without HiddenEye but with her daughter. No-one knows who teh father is, Starwise or HiddenEye. Sweetflute seemed afraid of everything and claimed that she came back to protect her daughter but she said nothing more. She changed her name in Silence as she would speak only if it was necessary. She has nightmares and sometimes she has hallucinations but she doesn't talk about them to anyone. Making her talking won't be easy and she smiles only when she's alone with her daughter, the only one she lets really approach herself.


After the death of HiddenEye, whom she had to share with Tishil, Silence began to be a bit more outgoing but she still is overprotective of her daughter Arrowmoss, always fearing that something bad could happen to her. She still didn't tell to anyone who the father of the girl really is.

Bond Beast

Name: LittleChaser 

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: grey 

Personality:  A sweet wolf, she's usually not a good hunter and is the omega female of the pack, but she's totaly devoted to Sweetflute and to cubs.