Player name : Nick 

Character name: Snow

Previous name : Snow

Cub name: Pink Eyes

Soul name: Fen


Age: 96


Family: Talltracker, (father- dead), Eyesbright( mother- dead), Songstar (sister- dead), Quickthrust ( uncle-deceased) , Flameshy and Strongsprout ( twin sons-alive)
Lovemate(s): has an eye on Willowdream.
Lifemate: Softfeather ( deceased )

Recognized mate: Softfeather ( deceased )

Soulbrother : Spike

Skills/Hobbies: An excellent tracker. 

Weapons/Tools:  bow, hunting spear 

Tribal Duty: chief

Hunting Party: yes

Magic: sending and wolf bonding


Likes/Dislikes: the tribe as a whole/ humans, war 

Fears: Not being a good leader 

Strong Points: An exccellent tracker, has good values to bring to the tribe 


Hair/color: long beyond hip, loose/ snow white 

Eyes/color: slanted/ pink w/red pupils 
Height/build: 4' 5"/ lean & muscular 

Clothes/colr(s): vest, breeches, ankle boots/ russet, green, brown 

jewelrey/decorations: silver arm band on left bicep 

Special Items: A silver dagger from his father 

Snow was born to a recognized couple. They were taken back as he was born albino. They feared he would be weak and blind as he was frail from the start. But he became a fierce hunter and tracker to to his parents disbelief. It was his uncle Quicthrust who helped teach him all he knew. He was more a father to him than his own parents. Following his uncle & his followers in search of a new holt. He is still at a loss with the death of his uncle. But hopes to lead the people in this new holt and be a great leader. 

Bond Beast

Name: Long Shanks
Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Appearance: Sleek solid white

Personality:  Seems to be a loner, very protective of Snow & always at his side.